Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Week!

Welcome to Fashion Week!  Courtesy of Kristin at Windy Poplars!  What a great idea, no?!  Today we're going to share what we'd wear when meeting some girlfriends for coffee!  Cute!  I unfortunately haven't had any time to put on outfits and model them for this topic..but I should have some old ones that'll do!  I suppose I wouldn't dress much differently to meet some friends than I would when I go out grocery shopping, hit the town with Damon..that sorta thing.  I'm a simple, country girl, afterall!!  So here goes!

Not the greatest shot of me in the world..but the only one I could find that has a view of my jeans and not just my top half!!  I absolutely LOVE this sweater..I loved it so much..I bought 2 more in other colors!  Last years find at NY & Company (they have great stuff!).  I also have it in hot pink and a gray/tan color.  The jeans are from JcPenney's and the jean jacket is from Walmart.  When I wear the hot pink sweater..I usually pair it with a new scarf I bought at Aeropostale thats hot pink and gray.

Ok this is an older shot of me (I think I've definately put on a few pounds since this one!!) back when we lived in the 'old house' aka ~ before we moved!  I just LOVE that sweater and bought it at Gabe's..or better known as Gabriel Brothers. 

This is actually a picture of me meeting up with an old friend of mine last year!  Can you believe..we went to grade school together and had lost touch after she moved away to Richmond..only to find each other on facebook and reunite after close to 20 YEARS?!  Unreal!!  I wish I could have seen her again about a month ago when she was in for another visit..but it was unfortunately the same weekend we were to meet up with my step daughter Beth at the Pumpkin Festival.  Maybe better luck next year!  In this shot..I'm wearing a top from Cato's (one of my all time favorite stores!!) and the jeans are probably from JcPenney's (I love their jeans).  Can't tell what shoes I'm wearing.  



  1. You are so cute and I love this post!!! :-)

  2. Isn't NY&Co great!? I'll probably be having several pieces of their clothing in my fashion week posts :-). So glad you joined in the fun! I was just at Catos yesterday btw. Saw a couple of cute things, but they just didn't look good on me :-(. Happy Tuesday to ya!

  3. Hmm, I've never heard of NY and Company - they might not have them out here. You look great! I especially like that last top with the slanted stripes. :-)

  4. Check out my post tomorrow...I am giving you a bloggy award:)


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