Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What was your pregnancy routine?

Lately, I catch myself thinking back to this time last year..and how I was taking my weekly belly pictures..watching my stomach grow and knowing it wouldn't be long until I met my sweet baby girl.  No..I'm not pregnant just the little things everyday that reminds me of 'this time last year'. 

Like today for instance, we were outside walking around the yard and I came upon my climbing rose bush.  I remember when Damon took my picture by it..literally just days before I had Makayla.  I also realized the other day during a phone conversation with my best friend that this time last year, I was in the midst of planning the final bits and pieces of my baby shower.  My BABY SHOWER!  Gosh..its so hard to believe that was just a year ago..seems like yesterday. 

(around the time I had my baby shower..check out that bump!)

So all of that brings me to this thought..when I was pregnant..especially in the last few weeks..I had a routine.  I was super tired most of the time so I would sleep about 12 hours..get up and get plop my huge self down on the couch and watch A Baby Story..and cry my eyes out every time a baby was born.  At nights before I went to bed..House Hunters and House Hunters International were my 'go-to' shows.  I couldn't get enough of them.

Funny thing is..I'm still the same way!

Only now I'm lucky to catch A Baby Story..because its on in the middle of the day and I'm usually doing stuff with Makayla then.  When I do manage to catch it on..I have to make sure Makayla doesn't see me cry cause it just upsets her!  House Hunters is still my go-to at night.

In fact, thats what we're watching now!

So..when you were pregnant, what were some of your routines?  And have you kept any of them?


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