Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just Plain Crazy

That pretty much describes how life has been around here the past several days!  I forgot how busy we get when he's laid off from work.  It just seems like its nonstop 'something'..every day..from morning till dark.  I guess when he's working regularly we just don't have the time to do alot of things around the house.  I prefer it that way though.  :-)  Him working that is!  Anyways..here is the lowdown of what we've been up to lately...

  • A couple trips made to Charleston last week
  • A trip to Beckley on friday
  • Trip to Logan yesterday
  • Visited the health and human resources center for the first time (more of that visit below)
  • Phone calls after phone calls
  • Makayla turned 10 months old on saturday
  • Laundry, laundry, laundry
  • Church and a church dinner on sunday
Not to mention all the things Damon has been doing like starting our garden and cleaning up around the house (outside).  I SERIOUSLY need my house cleaned inside..sping cleanin' style.  I just don't have the energy to do it with keeping up with a 10 month old and everyday chores staring me in the face.  Any tips on how I can get that accomplished?

So the trip to the health and human resources center was quite the ordeal.  I had never been there before.  I went to sign Makayla up for a health card through the state b/c of Damons current layoff and to check into some help for us as well (I hate saying food stamps).  Wow..you don't know what kind of crazy people they are until you visit a place like that!!!!  As soon as I walked in the door..I had some random guy trailing me around the place (mind you..there was nobody else but the people he was with..his wife and 2 kids) trying to talk to me about the weather.  He was literally following me ALL OVER THE PLACE and making me VERY uncomfortable.  I mean..I came in with alot of documents and things of that nature..I was afraid he was going to try to grab something out of my hands!  So I finally said "excuse me" and proceeded to the window to talk to the desk clerk.  Got papers I needed to fill out and sat down in the back corner of the room so I wouldn't be in the middle of 'crazy family' again.  Wrong.  The 2 girls came running over to me wanting to make friends..mom started yelling at them..they were running and screaming around the place like wild indians while I was trying to fill out paperwork.  Then..they all came back where I was sitting and plopped themselves about 3-4 feet away.  They had the ENTIRE room and they came back there to sit next to me.  I guess I should have felt special but I was more freaked out than anything!!!!  Thankfully I got my papers filled out..handed them to the desk clerk and got myself out of there.  FAST!

Needless to say, it was a depressing day.  Not only did I have to go to that place, but Damon had to visit the unemployment office again to ask them a question or two about that.  I guess everything just kinda hit me yesterday..that we are in this boat once again.  I hate it..I won't lie about it.  I hate it especially for Makayla though.  She doesnt deserve to have to go through her daddy being laid off.  Thankfully..she's young enough to not know whats going on.  And for all she knows..daddy is just around more now to play with her.  Guess that makes up for all the negative stuff!

She had alot of fun at the church dinner on sunday!

At any rate..when you pray..say a prayer for our family.  Unemployment is no fun and I'm looking forward to this being over and him being back to work.  Of course, I know everything comes in God's timing.  :-)

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  1. Praying he'll get some good leads very soon! Sounds like you have been busy!



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