Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Miscellany

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Not too much going on here in my neck of the woods.  We had a nice weekend, Damon worked which was a GOOD thing seeing as how his mines hasn't worked a weekend since before Christmas!!  Next week will be the determining factor if his mines shuts down temporarily (the 13th)..still praying it stays open and it doesn't come to a layoff!  But I know if it does, God will provide.  He doesn't forsake His children.  :-)  I take alot of comfort in that!

We're all still recovering from our colds.  I feel I'm almost 100% over mine..Makayla still has hers but is doing well.  Question for all you moms out do you know when your child has an ear infection??  I know it sounds like a silly question..but sometimes I wonder if she could have one and I wouldn't know it?  I've always heard though if they have one, you WILL know.  She woke up about an hour ago (after being asleep for probably 1 1/2 hours) for a little bit just crying..but she was half asleep so I don't know what it was really about.  She fell back asleep once I picked her up and rocked her for a little bit.  I know her cold still has her feeling bad at times, so I figured maybe it had to do with that.  At any rate..also would like to know of remedies/medicines for ear infections..for future reference!

I go back to the doctor AGAIN today..this time to get some of my stitches removed!!  Yay!  I'm excited to have them out!  The ones he'll be taking out are on my neck and chest.  Its been a little rough having them in those specific places due to Makayla always putting her hands on me there anytime I carry her around, etc.  So I've been trying hard to keep her little hands away and carry her in different positions so she didn't damage the area.  Oh and the cream he prescribed me for the angry beast of a reaction I had to that adhesive?  Working wonderfully!!!!  Such a relief that the intense itching and bumps are now gone.  I'm still red in the areas but its dramatically less now.  Praise God.

Watching "The Devil Loves Prada" right now..before heading to bed.  Maybe I'll dream of some new shoes in my sleep..ha!! 



  1. They can have the beginnings of an ear infection without you really knowing it, but I haven't found that to be typical with my kids. They usually come on quickly and you definitely know what's going on. They can't keep their hands off the painful ear; you may see some drainage.

    Glad you both are feeling better! I'm guessing since you're south of me you probably got some snow overnight. Be careful on your way to the doctor!

  2. Lots to say. Agreed with your homosexuality post. Since I read in reader, it's hard to comment always. That post hits home since I have two gay uncles.
    Ear infection - hard to type on my phone but see my recent post on my personal blog. There was one on ear infections.


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