Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gettin' stuff done and havin' fun

Wasn't really sure what to blog about this morning..but as I thought about our busy day yesterday and what will probably be alot of the same today..the post title fits!!  Yesterday we made a trip down the road..Damon had to buy some lumber (he's putting a new roof on our 'pump' house...its what houses our well)..so he went down in the truck and me and Makayla followed in the car since we can't all fit into his truck.  We ate some breakfast at Tudor's (anyone who hasnt gotten to eat at a Tudor's Biscuit World is really missing out!!), I stopped by the WIC office to find out about signing up where he's unemployed (they help pay for a few grocery items), went to Kroger's to get a few items as well (I'll probably be going back too..they have pears on sale this week for 49 cents a pound!!!) before coming home.

After getting home, Damon worked all evening on our pump house..putting on the new roof.  Not sure if I have explained or not..but last summer the bees took great pleasure in our pump house and made an enormous nest inside the roof where we couldn't get to it. Everytime you would walk near it, they would come after you.  Not good considering my clothsline is literally right next to it.  Yikes!!

Me and Makayla spent lots of mommy and me time, going for wagon rides, talking with the neighbor, and taking a nap (she..not I).  :-)  I also made some yummy homemade reece cups!!!!  They turned out VERY well!  Oh how I love chocolate and peanut butter!!  Is it not the BEST combination?!? 
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After all was said and done..we sat down last night and watched the premier of one of my favorite shows..Dancing With The Stars!!!!  Yes..I'm so happy its back on..AND this season looks to be really great!  Alot of the contestants are REALLY good (right now that football guy who is paired w/Peta is pretty awesome, imo)..and Steve Urkel impressed the judges so much they gave him a 9.  A 9?  In the first week?  Unheard of!!  So if you've never watched I would say this is the season to tune in.

Speaking of shows, has anyone watched the new show on thursday nights, Awake?  I'm hooked..its really good and one of those that makes you think.  I like shows that are like that.  Sort of like The Mole when it was on.  Gosh..I LOVED THAT SHOW.  I wish they'd bring it back..the regular one and not w/celebs.  It just wasn't as good when the contestants were celebrities. Seemed they were always trying to show each other up or something. 

Oh and did I mentioned I washed, hung out on the clothsline, brought in, and put away 3 loads of clothes yesterday too?  Yeah I did.  It was great..I'm gonna do the same today.  :-)

The one thing I like about warmer weather..my clothsline can be put to use.


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  1. sounds like y'all had a very busy day! Those homemade reese's cups look amazing!


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