Monday, March 12, 2012

miscellany monday

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(one) well..the dreaded has happened..Damon is now laid off from his job.  :-(  at least its not like last time where we didn't see it coming.  we had a full 2 months to prepare this time..which im not sure if that 'helps'..but it did lessen the shock blow.  we'll be alright though...we have an amazing GOD on our side that always is there to see us through!!!
(two)  we have a TOOTH!  yes..Makayla finally cut her first tooth..after a long 9 1/2 months of waiting for it to appear!  i'm so proud of her..she handled it like a trooper.  a more detailed post to come later in the week (hopefully with some pictures of proof!)
(three)  this week is looking to be a lovely wise!!  it will be so nice to be able to get outside with Makayla and enjoy the weather!
(four)  easter dress....oohhhh howwwww cuteeeee..i can't wait to see how she'll look modeling it!
<em>American Princess</em> Special Occasion <em>Dress</em> 24 M


  1. Oh Melanie, I'm so sorry about the layoff. :( Prayers that Damon can find work again soon. Being from an area where the mines were the biggest employers, I've seen layoffs before and I know how devastating they can be.

    YAY for the tooth! :) Big milestone for your little one! And I'm sure she's going to look like a little angel in that dress!

  2. Oh teeth!!! They are fun and it makes their smiles so stinkin adorable!

    Prayers that the hubby gets work again soon!!!


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