Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Randoms for Hump Day

Happy Wednesday y'all!  Hope the first half of the week has been good for ya so far.  I just have a few randoms I thought I'd share with everyone today..with lots of pictures to go along with it! 

We've been thinking of getting an outdoor dining set for our backporch recently.  We just LOVE to eat outside whenever we can and our picnic table that was given to us by our current neighbor has definately seen its better days!  A new picnic table is also on our 'list'..but I thought the outdoor dining set is more fun to talk about!!  Home Depot has a fantastic sale going on right now and it just so happens they have a table and chair set that we an amazing deal!  Fingers crossed..we're gonna attempt to snatch this one up.....
Cardona Collection 7-Piece Dining Set
 We were out walking Miss Daisy the other day (it was a gorgeous day here in the low 80s!) and I snapped a few pictures of her that turned out really well!  Plus Thomas came with I got some good shots of him as well!  Have I mentioned that he thinks he's a dog too?  Everytime we take the dogs (ours plus the neighbors..she always tags along) for a walk, Thomas ALWAYS comes with us.  He's one crazy cat! 

I'll leave you with some pictures..until next time..have a wonderful day!!



  1. I like that outdoor dining set!! I love eating outside in Spring weather!
    Those pictures of Miss Daisy are precious!

  2. I really really really like that outdoor dining set girl!

    daisy and thomas are looking cuter than!


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