Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Baby Stuff & Pictures

This is sort of going to be a random post.  I'm hoping all you new mommies and mommies-to-be like me can help me out with a few questions I have concerning some baby stuff!!  Here are a few questions I've had going thru my mind as of lately....

  • What brand of diapers do you prefer?
  • I have a I need or should I also purchase a swing?  If so, which type is best, rocks side to side or back and forth?
  • Baby bottles~help!!!  I plan on breastfeeding but am also going to pump (I dont work so its not like its going to be a huge thing w/me pumping..just for convenience sake).  What types of bottles and liners for breastmilk should I get AND should I go ahead and buy a thing of formula 'just in case' I have problems?
  • How do you know if baby is getting enough milk when you breastfeed?
  • Belly buttons ~ did you use rubbing alcohol or anything to swab around the umbilical cord until it fell off?
  • Do you prefer a particular type/style of baby carrier?
  • I talked to a new mom at Target a couple weeks back that highly suggested the battery operated nasal asperator (aka ~ booger bought one?  If so..did you like it???
  • Any products you would recommend for a first time mom that they might not be thinking about getting or have??
Last week I took some pictures outside that I thought turned out pretty well considering!!  Thought I'd leave them with you guys today to see what you think.  I plan on doing more..with Damon with me..when we have some spare time.

And one last note..Damon had the funniest dream over the weekend!  He told me in his dream that my water broke while we were here at home and that he had to delivery Makayla himself!  I think the reality of everything is really settling in with him..poor guy!  He's gonna make a great daddy though.  :-)  He loves his daughter (my step-daughter) and takes wonderful care of me too.  I can tell as the days wind down where its just 'the two of us' he tries to take in all those precious moments we have together.  I have to admit..I am going to miss it just being 'us'..we'll celebrate 10 years of marriage this almost 10 years baby-free you might say.  I'm so very thankful for this time together though.  Its given us a time to grow as a couple, do some traveling, and have some great experiences.  But I'm also looking forward to this new chapter in our lives, being parents together.  I can't wait for the moment we both lay eyes on Makayla and we cry together.  I think in that one single moment, our love for one another is going to grow 100 fold.  :-)



  1. first great resource for breastfeeding momma's and so is The La Leche League if you google La Leche League it'll pop up.You know baby is getting enough when she seems satisfied after a feeding and is not fussy is either awake content or falling asleep is gaining weight properly, and is having enough wet and dirty diapers in a day the website above has great charts to look at for wet and dirty diaper output.If you're a reader "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" is a great book. Carys is cloth diapered but before she fit them we put her in pampers swaddlers because they had the wetness indicator I liked knowing when my baby was wet for the first few days. We have both a bouncer and a swing Carys hates her swing and loves her bouncy each baby is different but I think you'd be fine with one or the other I wish we didn't have both because I have a bulky swing that is just taking up space, we didn't do anything for Carys umbilical cord except fasten her diapers underneath it, the hospital will probably send you home with formula samples anyway so I wouldn't buy any unless you need it, bottles we use Dr. Browns with slow flow nipples every baby is different though my advice is try out a few different ones before committing to just one, as for carriers I have a maya wrap that my husband bought me for Christmas and I love it also many of my girlfriends have had success with the moby wrap, I guess what type of carrier you get depends on how often you'll be wearing your baby I wear Carys a lot so I can get things done around the house and she can inconspicuously nurse in public, the nasal aspirator thing you get from the hospital will be the best one you ever have my advice accidentally "misplace" into a bag to take home the first one they give you and ask for another one then you can have one at home and one to take with you.
    My two peices of breastfeeding advice that I wish someone would've said to me are this: 1. Expect things to suck the first few weeks, expect to feel like she is constantly attached to you, expect there to be bumps in the road, but stick with it through it all and it will get better. 2. do not feel ashamed if you have to supplement your baby and don't feel that just because she has to be supplemented that your nursing relationship is over, breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing. Holy long comment batman!! Hope this helps :) I'm getting so excited for you to meet your little girl!

  2. Oh, lots of good questions! Here's what I got:
    1. I use Pampers or Huggies, I would avoid the generic diapers, because we tried them and they just aren't as sturdy.
    2. You don't really NEED a swing, but I like to use ours. It's a nice place for baby to sit and look around while you do other things. They make models that rock both ways - that's what ours is and I love it!
    3. Totally your preference on bottles, personally, I mostly use the ones that came with my medela breast pump. I'd personally avoid the ones with liners, because it's easy enough to clean them with a bottle brush, and it's one less thing to buy.
    4. If you signed up for any e-mails/promotions for pregnant women, you may very likely get a sample thing of formula in the mail. i've received a couple. Just something to keep in mind, but if it makes you feel more prepared to have one on hand, go for it! i had some that someone gave me before Wyatt got here, but we haven't used any formula yet.
    5. If your baby's stools change from the dark meconium to yellow and seedy, then the breastmilk is getting through! They should have at least five of those yellow stools a day, and that usually indicates whether they're getting enough for the first week. You'll have a two-week check-up too after she's born, and they'll weigh her - that's the most vital test!
    6. Your doc will give you isntructions on what to do about the belly button, and probably materials also - we didn't do anything and Wyatt's cord fell off at 10 days.
    7. Wyatt hates the sling I got. :-( He fusses whenever I use it, but he loves our BabyGo carrier, probably because it puts him in the position that he likes to be held in. You'll probably figure out what Makayla likes best when she gets here!
    8. Wow, I've never heard of such a thing! We haven't even had to use Wyatt's aspirator yet, so I don't know.
    9. Get a mirror for the car so you can see her face when you're driving! I never thought about such a thing, but Derek and I bought one as soon as we could after Wyatt was born, because we wanted to be able to see that he was okay while we're driving!

    How funny about Damien's dream! You guys are going to be great parents - can't wait to meet your little girl!

  3. 1. Pampers or Target Brand diapers.
    2. Our swing was a lifesaver, and I used the bouncer in the bathroom to take showers or in the kitchen. They are a LOT more portable.
    3. I never used any bottles, so I am no help here!
    4. Baby is getting enough when she is full. My LC told us that the general rule was 20 minutes/side was plenty!
    5. I LOVED my Itzbeen timer. Helps you remember when the last time they ate, what side you nursed on, when they take medication or had a diaper change. In those first foggy, sleep deprived nights- it was a lifesaver!

  4. you look beautiful in these pictures


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