Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Shower!!

For the post I 'think' you've all been waiting for!  Yesterday was FINALLY my baby shower (seems its been a long time coming with all the planning, etc) and what a day it was!  Y'all wouldn't believe the weather we had earlier in the day!  Going to pick up the cake, I had to travel across a mountain (literally..but don't worry..its a regular paved highway and it was raining here when I left.  Got to top of said mountain, the roads were COMPLETELY covered with snow!  I was driving about 15 mph I think!  Got to the other side..raining again.  Came back up mountain 30 minutes later and all the snow was gone and slush was left in its place.  Made it home, and it hailed..TWICE!  Then the sun came out.  Go figure.  Ok..enough weather talk (I just found it all!)!!  My cake I had made turned out better than gorgeous.  It was the prettiest cake I've ever seen in my life..even better than my wedding cake, imo!  The same little bakery made it that did our wedding cake, so it tasted fantastic!  Here is the cake....

We had plenty of yummy food that I, my mom, my aunt, and cousin all prepared.  Anything from snowball cake and brownies, to taco dip and pasta salad (2 types!).  Needless to say..I have quite a bit of food left over for the next several days!!

On to the party!  We played a couple of games (baby names from A-Z and anniversary/birthday game), ate, had another game for the door prize (whoever picked the slip of paper from the basket that had my middle name on it won) and then we opened gifts!!

I got some GREAT stuff..still need ALOT of stuff..but its definately a great start!!   I'm sure I'll be getting more things in from those who couldn't make it (the weather plus alot of other things kept some from being able to come) in the coming week or so.  Here are a few highlights of me opening gifts!  Oh and my wonderful cousins helped me with the presents!!  Casey handed the gifts to me and Cortney wrote down everything I got..don't know WHAT I would have done without their help..thanks again girls!!!
 (Cute outfits!)
 (Disney outfit!)
 (Loved the backside of this outfit!)
 (Cute Minnie Mouse outfit!)
 (Showing Cortney what a burp pad is!)
 (Activity mat!)
 (Cute stuffed giraffe)
 (A lady made me this pretty!)
(The crib!)


  1. SO glad you had a great baby shower! Your cake is BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish we lived closer so I could come join in on this wonderful celebration! :-)

    You looked SO PRETTY in all your pictures!!!


  2. You look positively radiant in these pics! It's nice to see you so very happy. :) The cake was GORGEOUS! And here it is not even 7 in the a.m. and you have me craving party food. ;)

    So glad you got all those adorable outfits and cute little girly things! :) Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. Hey Girl,

    The shower looked like so much fun and that was so funny you showing courtney what a burp pad! you looked so happy girl...from the looks of it you got alot nice things too for miss makayla.

    That cake was soooo cute and adorable with the little baby peeking out from the under the pink blanket! Wish I could of made it to the shower, but Lord willing will get to see you this summer time.

  4. I love the cake!! You got some great stuff! Sounds like you had a great shower!

  5. Looks like fun! I'm glad you had a good shower! Sorry I'm so behind on commenting. :-/


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