Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stroller Update

If you remember, a couple weeks ago I was asking advice on jogging strollers.  And by the way..thanks to EVERYONE who gave me input..I appreciated that ALOT and was suprised that the people from Baby Trend left me a comment as well!  I was pretty torn between two..the Graco Trekko and the Baby Trend Expedition.  Makayla and I made a trip to Target to figure out which one we'd be bringing home.  After getting both down from the display..putting her in and out of both..pushing them around..etc..we made a decision.

We got the Baby Trend!!!

It was a HARD decision folks.  I won't lie.  There are things about both that I liked alot.  One of the big things that I had mentioned before..the tethers used to adjust the seat..I 'thought' I liked the Graco's better because it had a different contraption compared to the tethers.  After trying to adjust the seat with their device..I decided it was no better than using tethers that most strollers have.  It was probably actually harder to adjust (esp when a baby is sitting in the stroller).  I liked how the Baby Trend turns on a dime..and its alot more lightweight than the Graco.  The doesn't fold down great and takes up a ton of trunk space.  We don't take it unless we have to (like when going to the store..etc).  I still need to sit down with the manual and see if we're folding it down right..maybe we're missing something in that area to make it fold flatter..I don't know. 

We've recently took up walking and have been using it on almost a daily basis.  Its GREAT!  We usually only walk with her once a day (we've both been averaging about 2 walks a day..around 2 miles per walk!) and she seems to really enjoy it for the most part.  Which reminds me, another feature that I still liked better on the Graco was the canopy.  It was much bigger and provided way more protection from the sun than the Baby Trend does.  So my solution?

(via Toys R Us)

I went to Toys R Us and bought the Rayshade Sun Shade to hook to our Baby Trend.   Its GREAT!  Highly recommended..we don't leave home without it.  Its already been a lifesaver more than a dozen times.  Makayla HATES it when the sun gets in her eyes so this was the pefect solution.  I even had a 20% off coupon!

The only other thing I might do in the near future is make some sort of extra padding up around the head area.  She has bumped her head on the bars of the stroller a few times when she looks back to grab a snack from me when we're walking (which I know once she learns and I can trust her with a treat cup I won't have to worry as much about this!).  So I thought I could fashion something pretty simple..with some fabric..stuffing..and velcro.  I'll let you know if I do and how that works out.

And another bonus..I got a target gift card for buying the Baby Trend!  Shopping spree for momma..I think so..since the trip to get the stroller was a NIGHTMARE (screaming baby all the way over and most of the way back..and its an hour drive each way..ugh)!



  1. It looks like you got a good one! I need to get a better stroller for our dirt roads. :-/

  2. I LOVE IT!!! It looks so nice! There is a super pretty little girl in it too ;)


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