Monday, June 4, 2012

Moving Mountains

I think we all go through periods in our lives where a common question we might say is "Where is God?".  As christians, we go through storms in our lives and face alot of obstacles.  Sometimes simply by being a Christian.  Its not an easy lifestyle to live by any means, but one that is full of rewards (especially our greatest reward, which is living in Heaven with our Father).

Sometimes it seems like God truely has to move mountains in our lives when we go through trials.  Some are harder than others, of course, but each has its own challenge.  Our pastor preached on how God is always there for us, no matter what we may go though in life, He's always there for us.  Its up to us to reach out to Him.

After all..God never moves, its us who tend to move.

We need to reach out to Him more, not just in trials and tribulations, but in our daily living.  I'm guilty of this.  I don't reach out to God on a daily basis enough.  Its shameful..but true.  I hope this is something I can work on and make improvements in my daily living for Him. 

Our pastor asked if we needed prayer due to trials and/or circumstances.  I believe alot of people raised their hand (I know I did) because I could hear the sniffles of those praying silently in their seats for God's help with whatever they were dealing with. 

Its hard.  Life can be hard.  But, Praise God, with Him in our lives, we don't have to face anything alone!

My family has been and is going though different trials..over the course of several months.  Of course, with my husband being laid off from work currently, that is top of the list.  I remember when he lost his job a couple years back.  We had only lived in our home we'd just bought for TWO WEEKS when he was laid off.  Two weeks!  I felt like my world had literally crumbled.  At first, I blamed God.  I did.  I was mad.  I had prayed night and day that it wouldn't happen to us (alot of people were losing their jobs at that time).  I felt let down and had to blame someone, I guess.  I found out real fast though, that wasn't the way to be thinking.  I prayed for forgiveness (many times) for feeling that way and felt a newfound joy in serving the Lord.  I tried to find ways to enjoy having Damon here with me 24/7 instead of being away at work alot.  And you know, we survived.  Even though I didn't think he'd ever make as good of money as he was making when he lost his job then, you know, he got a job where he made MORE, and then some.  Of course, it didn't happen overnight.  He worked his way up to that point. 

But God moved that mountain for us.

It seemed impossible at the time.  But to God..nothing is.  And I know that whatever challenge we face now, with jobs or anything else, no matter how high the mountain is, God can conquer it. 




  1. this was absolutely wonderful melanie! It touched me alot! So many face things in their lives and right now in our family we ourselves are dealing with the battle against cancer. God is so faithful though and grandpa is still here and I know this mountain can and will be moved. Thank you for allowing God to use you to put His message out there for all of us to see and hear. You are a blessing girl and I Love ya lots!

  2. A powerful word! Have you read "Jesus Calling"? God is using it to rock my world; it is all about letting go and trusting Immanuel, our with-us God, to work. Praying for your husband's job.

  3. THanks for sharing this, Melanie - you are so right, GOd can move any mountain in our life, and yet it's so easy to forget where to turn!


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