Monday, July 2, 2012

In the dark (so to speak)

Soooo..guess what happened here Friday evening just as we were getting home from a shopping trip in Charleston?

Our power went off.

Yup..and its been 100+ degrees too.  Not fun.  I'm trying my best to stay positive.  We have a generator.  I'm so thankful for that!  It makes things bearable.  We didn't have any damage to our home or anything else.  VERY thankful for that because there are some around us that did.   But if you know me very well..I'm not a hot weather gal.  Never have been.  Someone on facebook posted a funny saying in response to our heat wave and crisis...

"Satan called.  He wants his weather back."

Though yes..that is funny...dealing with this heat right now can really get your mind to thinking.  If you think its hot here now..can you imagine how hot hell is?  Thats something I never want to find out.

Thank God I'm heaven bound!!

But in all seriousness..please keep good old West Virginia and this gal and her family in your prayers.  Its not easy keeping a 1 year old entertained in a semi-cool house with nowhere to go.  They are saying it could be a week before we get our power turned back on.  I'm refusing to believe it will be that long.  Why? 

Because prayer can change things!!




  1. Oh, praying the power comes back on!

  2. Hey Girl,
    praying that your power comes back on and found out last night that kentucky or atleast part of it is without power too! Praying for all to get power back on soon!


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