Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm a Survivor!

(trees down by my parents house)

After last week and having no power..I can say I'm definately a survivor!!!  We were without power for exactly one week.  It went out friday at 730pm and came on this past friday at you guessed it..730pm!  Let me tell you..EVERYONE was rejoicing..and not just in my household!  It had been a long, hot week for our community.  Everyone's power was turned on around here by time saturday had came to a close.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone out there who said a prayer for us!!

I did manage to have a big mommy meltdown a couple days before our power was restored.  With what we were dealing with along with alot of other stresses I won't go into right now..I had reached my limit.  And then some.  Thankfully..after seeing how stressed I had been Damon took Makayla the next day and told me to go for a drive for a few hours.  So I did.  It did a world of good too let me tell you! 

So enough of that..I want to just forget that week never happened now that its behind us!  Some positive notes..I managed to do some crafts last week.  I made a pinterest inspired patriot coffee can windsock things (super cute) and I made Makayla a patriotic tshirt with red ricrak and star buttons! 

Makaylas shirt!

patriotic coffee cans

I even managed to have patriotic toes!!

This week we have vacation bible school going on at our church.  Its always a big event and alot of fun!  We have outside help since our church is so little..some wonderful people comes in all the way from the Sweetwater Baptist Church in Georgia and hosts bible school for us.  I love these people!  They are so caring and sweet..just what you think of when you think of 'southern hospitality'!  Me and Makayla went down today and had a good time even though she's still too little to be in a class.  We plan on going every day, Lord willing, and having a good time with our church family.  Its so critical to get your kids in church at a young age.  Even when (like now) they are too little to understand things fully..they still know? 

And on a totally different bloggy friend Callie is having a great giveaway over on her blog this sure to check it out!! 

Thats about it for now..hope to post some pictures and a post later this week with the activities from bible school!  Until then..enjoy your week and stay cool!


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  1. Hey Girl,
    That shirt you made for makayla is so cute! You did a great job on it and the coffee can wind sock thing!

    Your toes are so! How did you do the big sliver star on top of the blue polish so good?


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