Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two-A-Day..and Sippy's!

We are on the weaning way!!  I've got Makayla down to 2 a day now.  We do our morning feeding in the morning when she wakes up around 9-ish and then she has a bottle (yes..I will explain in a bit) with only around 2-3 oz of breastmilk and the rest whole milk at night before bedtime.  She cut out her mid-day nurse by herself really.  Letting her self wean so far has definately been the way to go because it transitions both of us easily into one less feeding without either of us having problems. 

Now..I do give her a bottle still..but only at her nighttime feeding.  My fears are if I give her the milk in her sippy cup..she might start refusing me all together in the mornings before either of us are ready.  Call me crazy..it probably wouldn't happen but in my mind somehow thats what goes on!  I just don't want it to end 'abruptly'..I want this to be a gradual process since we've made it this far.  Of course, she's definately not going to be one of those kids who are 2 or 3 and still breastfeeding..no way..no how!  No offense to anyone who does plan or has breastfed for that long..but thats just not what I had in mind when I started this journey.  I'm so THANKFUL we've made it as far as we have..because many of you know I had some problems in the beginnnig and honestly didn't think we'd make it past the 6 month mark.  Just goes to prove that God is in control!

I also wanted to address sippy cups since its a 'hot' topic with all of us new moms right now who have successfully (or unsuccessfully) transitioned our toddlers (how crazy is it we all have toddlers now instead of babies?!) to the sippy cup.  At first..I used the Nuby 3 stage sippy cup but it seemed (with the nipple) it was really no different from using a bottle...

So I sort of felt like it was a waste of time to get her to like that when it was no different from a bottle.  I tried the spout but she wasnt going for it..so I moved on..at a later time.  You just can't force your baby/toddler to use something just because thats what all the charts/people/other mommies are doing.  EVERY child is different and learn things on their own timing.  I've come to learn this especially with Makayla cause it takes her a little longer to catch on to stuff (to me it seems that way, anyways) but she does..in her own time. 

Anyways..after her first birthday I moved on to some other sippy cups.  Mind you..I had a nice stash by this time because I had been buying some different brands over the course of several months and giving her a try at each to see what seemed to suit her or not.  I found one I hadn't tried and it was funny because it was highly recommended on alot of forums I read online prior to purchasing it AND it was cheap!  I had 2 of this brand in a straw sippy variety but she's not taking to the straw type at this time.  So..I bought the spout type and it worked!!

This is the Nuby Soft Spout Sport sippy cup.  She loved this one and did really well with it for a little while. Well..she still does..but then I discovered the next cup I'm about to tell you about and well..I like it even better.  The only problem we had with this cup is the spout is pretty big and we had some leaks because of the spout being so big and the little 'lip' that the spouts have..liquid would accumulate in it when she'd drink from it.  Thus the leaks.  Soooo....

When I saw the Nuk sippy cup at walmart, I was VERY intrigued.  The spout was smaller (and soft..not hard), with NO lips for liquid to accumulate (thus less leakage) and lets face it..its cute with the ladybug design (we have the exact same one in the picture).  I looked at it for a couple weeks before I bought it and boy am I glad I made the decison to purchase this!!  Its the BEST one we've had so far (with her at this stage anyways).  Virtually no leaking and she took to it directly.  I LOVE THIS SIPPY! 

So..after almost 14 months of being a mommy..this is where we are now!

9am-ish ~ Morning feeding
after breakfast ~ One to One and a Half sippys of strawberry milk
after nap ~ One to one and a Half sippys of juice
bedtime ~ One Bottle (8 oz) of breastmilk/whole milk with a touch of rice cereal

Lots of meals and snacks in between, of course!


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