Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter in our neck of the woods!

Figured it was about time I got around to telling y'all about our Easter weekend!  It was a very eventful that we had some nice weather for a change..and I got a chance to meet my sister in law for the first time!!

Let me start from the beginning though.  Makayla helped me color some eggs late last week.  She wasn't really into it like I thought she may be..but the thing she likes most is just being my 'helper'!  Lately..she's really taken to wanting to sit on the kitchen counter and just help. Whatever I may be doing..fixing a sandwich, cleaning up, prepping breakfast, or in this case, coloring eggs!!

Gotta say..I'm lovin' the mommy's little helper stage!  I hope it lasts FOREVER!!

Saturday we had some nice weather for a change!  It was warm enough that we could actually go outside and we took full advantage of that..and Makayla is all about going outside.  When it was snowing last week (yes..we had snow last week and by saturday it was warm enough to venture outside..thats March in West Virginia for you!)..she was just longing for some nicer weather....

Thankfully the nice weather came!! 

We tried the whole hunting easter egg thing..but she could have cared less..being outside is just more fun!
(this was about the extent of egg hunting for us this year!)

Besides, Easter isn't about bunnies and eggs anyways.  I try to put more focus on the real meaning, which is the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I've always LOVED the story of the stone being rolled away..even before I could understand what it really meant.  Now as a Christian myself, it holds so much more meaning to me.  Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate what Jesus sacrificed and did for us!  So..I took an idea from a fellow blogger (thanks Ashleigh!) and we recreated Jesus and the tomb!  Amazing what you can do with a solo cup, paper plate, some craft moss grass, a rock, and molding clay!

Sunday we went to church as usual and all had on matching favorite color!!  I just loved Makayla's Easter dress this year!

We had dinner immediately following church at my parent's house.  Came home in time for Makayla's nap..and when she got sister in law and her two daughters came by for a few hours to visit!  They were in from Ohio visiting relatives and we were on the list of those they had planned on seeing.  I was so glad we finally got to meet! Damon hadn't seen her in years and it was my first time meeting her myself.  We're going to be great friends..I feel like I've finally found someone in his family I can really truely relate to! We have so much in common and our beliefs are very much alike.  I snapped a few pictures while they were here..I just forgot to have someone take one with me and them!  Oh well..there is always the next visit! 

Oh..and Makayla LOOOVES her cousins!!!!

It was definately a happy Easter to go down in the memory books!  Now y'all will have to excuse me..but I'll be absent from blogging for just a wee little bit..I'm in the middle of finishing off the painting in my laundry I have a million things needing tending to the next few days..but I should be back next week!!!!


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