Thursday, March 28, 2013

Feelin' blue!

Is anyone else totally hooked on the "Sinful Collection" nail polish at Walmart?  I lost count of how many different colors I've bought so far..but they are excellent!!  Here is what I'm sporting this week....

And for St. Paddy's Day..I had to go all out green!!

Did you notice my rings?  Those were my Valentine's Day present!!  I bought them on etsy and had Makayla's name on one and her birthdate on the other (it was a set of 2)..I LOVE them!  If you want to know more about them..just let me know and I'll get you in touch with the lady that sells them!

Since I'm talking jewelry..I just had to share this with y'all too!  I had been looking for a hand stamped necklace..something where I could have Makayla's first AND middle names put on.  Since the rings I got couldn't hold that many letters..I started searching necklaces.  Groopdealz on facebook (if your not familiar with them) has WONDERFUL deals on a variety of things such as clothing, shoes, home decor, jewelry, and everything in between.  In limited qualities and a limited time frame too I might add.  When they posted this necklace..I jumped on it..FAST!  I'm totally in love with it too!!  And I must say..paying less than $20 for it was totally worth it since most necklaces I had been looking at beforehand were running $40 or more!  The picture is a little fuzzy..but the necklace is very plain when you see it in person.

Have you found any good deals/great new nail polishes lately?



  1. Fun colors! I am spoiled when it comes to nail husband works for a local company that makes them:). So I often get a really nice discount on them and sometimes I get freebies on samples. This week I have a bright pink on that is called watermelon slice. It is super bright and fun for spring time!!

  2. I love the necklace! And I love Sinful Colors - I think I have that exact shade of blue!


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