Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shoppping and 'yummy-ness'

So I'm addicted to a couple things.

Online shopping and Pioneer Womans recipes (the latter I'm sure you've figured out by now).

I discovered this site called "Groopdealz" on my facebook account a while back.  I can't even remember how I stumbled across it (probably because another friend 'liked' it and it popped up on my page), but its pretty awesome!  They have some amazing deals on things you'd pay a fortune (sometimes) for anywhere else.

Case in point, I had been wanting something with Makayla's first AND middle names on it.  When I ordered my rings off of etsy a while back, I could only have one name (her first, obviously) engraved on them.  So I started looking at hand stamped necklaces.  I saw one for around $40 on another etsy shop, but was still secretly hoping I'd find something a little cheaper.  And then I ran across this on groopdealz...

It was perfect.  Not only could I have mine and Damons names inscribed, but also Makayla's full name!  And the best part was it cost LESS THAN $20!  

I've also bought a couple other things off of the same site.  One was a cross necklace and the other, a personalized easter basket for Makayla...

So cute and it can be used for a lot of other things, not just Easter. Which I liked a lot.  I'll probably add a little 'something' around the rim and handles for Easter, to dress it up a bit. 

Oh and you know how I gave away a pair of free glasses from Firmoo?  Well that got me wondering if there were any other great deals to be had out there for glasses on other sites.  So I ran across and saw they had a first time customer freebie program.  I jumped right on and ordered me a pair of everyday glasses.  Love em'!  I only paid shipping, so they were only around $14!

And as for my other obsession, I just had to try Pioneer Woman's orange sweet rolls after seeing her make them on her show a little while back.  They did not disappoint.  My only beef with them is they are not nearly as good the day after (a bit soggy on the bottom).  I'm not sure if removing them from the pan and putting them in something else would prevent this problem or not.  If anyone has happened to of made these before, let me know!!  But man..they were like heaven on a plate the night I made them.

If 'yummyness' isn't a word, it needs to be.


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