Monday, March 25, 2013

22 Months (and 2 Months till 2 Years)!

(I'm baaaaack!)

My little girl becomes more grown up every time I look at her lately it seems!  I guess the countdown is 'un'officially on..she'll be 2 years old before I know it!!!  Minnie mouse party here we come!

There isn't really a whole lot to report..change wise.  We're still 'trying' to go potty..though here lately it seems we've taken a backset on that.  I don't know why really..I guess we've both gotten kinda lazy with it.  Bad excuse, I know, but its the truth!  She never was one to 'tell' me she needed to go before..the last couple days when I knew she was pooping..I'd look at her and say, " you need to go potty!!??" knowing full well we'd done missed the opportunity.  She'd look at me with big eyes like...'yup mom..bout 2 minutes ago but no biggie!'!  Its a process..ya just gotta go with it!

Taken while talking to the fish!

She's been cutting teeth.  STILL!  I think its those darn 2 year molars.  They sure do take their time!  Fingers are in her mouth all..the...time!  Tylenol has been our friend to say the least!

Oh and she has totally picked up on her morning eating schedule I'm happy to report!  Just in the last week she has done a 360 when it comes to breakfast.  I don't know if I just happened to discover the right combination of foods..but she's diggin' Frosted Flakes, peaches, and some turkey sausage!!  Yay!!  I'll take it!

This girl is still all about her pinto beans and salami.  Can't get enough.  We ate at our favorite pizza place on saturday and I always order all of us their chef salad to share (its huuuuge!) and they pile the sliced salami and pepperoni on top.  She goes NUTS!  I wish I had a picture to prove so!  But here is one with her 'bean face'....

That sign language dvd is still the bomb.  She continues to pick up on signs all the time.  A couple weeks ago we were in Sam's and I was looking at some socks.  I look down at her sitting in the shopping cart and she is doing the sign for 'socks'!  And when we visit my mom..she has this book that has a certain purple flower in it..she tries to say 'flower' and does the sign for it as well!  Best $1 I ever spent at a yard sale! 

She's just a happy girl..she's hardly ever not smiling.  Loves to play, read books, watch cartoons, take her naps, bathtime, going out.  She's just a happy little camper.  I love her!!!!!!  I honestly don't know what we did for fun before she came along..she's completed our little family in so many ways and brought us so much joy!! 

I love you 'Chuuug'!



  1. Too cute! We love our sign language videos too...I am amazed at how much Little Miss has talked with the videos.
    We almost did a Minnie Mouse party but she loves Elmo just a little more so we went with that!

  2. How is she almost 2?! Such a sweetie! Adeline's favorite breakfast item is turkey sausage! Can't wait to see the party come to life! We love Mickey and Minnie in this house too :)


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