Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I'd been up to...

Since I'm back from my little break I took for a couple of weeks..I figured you guys might want to know what all I'd been up to.

Honestly..not a whole lot.

It was more about just taking a breather from blogging for a bit.  Sure..I checked in with everyone's posts on an almost daily basis..but there is just something refreshing about stepping back from posting several times a week that gives your mind time to...breathe? 

Well..I don't know that our minds can actually breathe..but you get the idea!

I had been doing a few things though honestly.  I got a start on my laundry room. The cabinets are all painted a nice shade of gray now.  New hardware bought for them (getting put on probably as you read this).  The walls HAVE to be done this week.  Thats something I must get done.  I got a semi-start on them while on break..just to see how the color will look.  A little skeptical..but we shall see.  Hey..its just paint..if I don't like it..I can always change it!  But I'm totally lovin' the cabinets.  TOTALLY. 

Don't worry..I'll do a whole post on it when its finished...pictures and all.

I made a big oversized pillow for our living room.  Not a big project..but a project nonetheless.  I'm in love with it too.  I made it originally because when I'm in the floor playing with Makayla..I needed to use something to lay on other than her princess pull out couch..it just wasn't cutting the cake so to speak.  We have hardwood floors, by the way.  I saw some cute pillows on pinterest and got the idea there to make one.  Now I want another!!  And maybe curtains to match?

 Thank you Hobby Lobby for making such awesome fabric!

I had to take a silly picture!

Of course we had a day or two of nice weather as well..and Makayla and I enjoyed it while we could!  This girl loves playing outdoors!!

And I finished my first ever homemade maxi skirt too!!  I found this great coral stretchy material at Walmart for $1 a yard (hint..Walmart has a clearance section of fabrics..most are $1 a yard or a little more..great finds!!)..I bought what was left on the bolt..which was 1 1/4 yards..so this skirt cost me a whopping $1.25 to make! Can't beat that!  And a side note..I totally need to buy a full length mirror..I know you can't see the whole skirt from the pictures I took!

But anyways..thats a little taste of what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks in a nutshell!! 


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  1. Oo, love that pillow - it looks so big and fluffy!


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