Monday, March 4, 2013

A Weekend

We had a great weekend here in our neck of the woods!!  Damon had a rare saturday off so we headed out as a family of 3 (which has been few and far between since he's gone back to work!  not complaining..just sayin'!) for some browsing and light shopping!!  Oh it was fun and much needed..and Makayla was so happy to have "Da!" with us for a change!  As soon as we all got in the car and was about to back out of the driveway..she exclaimed, "DA!!!!" from the if she was like, "Da is coming with us!!!"..bless her heart!

We hit up O'Charley's for dinner and Maggie Moo's for dessert.  Yum!  Target, Home Depot, Michael's, Walmart, and Petsmart were all visited before we returned home. And I bought Breaking Dawn part 2.  Damon and I watched it that night after baby girl was asleep. was worth the wait!!!!  And it was great snuggling with 'my love' while watching a movie we both could enjoy!!

Sunday was a pretty laid back and fun day as well.  We went to church that morning.  Damon had put some pork ribs on the night before in the slow cooker, so we doused them w/some bbq sauce and had fried potatoes and roasted broccoli to go with it..yum!  A couple of Damon's old work buddies stopped by for a visit just after we finished up eating and stayed to chat for about an hour.  After they were gone, Makayla went down for a nap and I took one myself.

Much needed, I must say.

I've been having a really hard battle with sleep lately.  Pray for me, if you will?  If its not me coughing my head off in the middle of the night, its Damon snoring, or him hogging the bed.  You get the picture..always something.  Most times than not, I end up on the couch.  Which is another problem.  Our couch is needing replaced.  Badly.  I also visited a furniture store on Saturday, looking for a newer, bigger, very much more comfortable couch.  I found one I love.  I'm not in love with the price however, but if price is what you have to pay for quality, I'll fork it over glady if I've gotta spend 75% of my time sleeping there.

Jackson Furniture Everest Sectional

Sunday was also my dad's birthday, so after everyone was up from their respectable naps, we headed to my parent's house for cake, chips, and ice cream.  We had a nice time and Makayla loved helping my dad open his cards and gifts!

We came home and enjoyed some Hee Haw (yes..we watch that show!!) and then baths and bedtime.  And that, my friends, was our weekend!!d

Big smiles all around!!  :-)

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