Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Consignment finds!!

Last week we had a massive consignment sale in the Charleston area!!  I never miss the sales that these particular groups throw together..they never disappoint and are always awesome!  Literally..I mark my calendars when I first find out when they will be!  Hopefully (fingers crossed) I can get my act together and do some consigning in the next one..goodness knows I got enough of Makayla's old clothes stashed away in every corner of this house!  Might as well try and make some money while I'm at it! 

This sale was for spring..or 'warmer' weather clothing.  Lots of sleeveless dresses, skirts, shorts, tshirts and the like.  So I basically bought her wardrobe for this summer!  I still can't believe the sizes she can wear.  4T in dresses.  Really??  And one was even a 5T!  5T!!!!  What can I say..she's a talllllll girl!

The 'loot' we came back with..most of it anyways!

Wearing the size 5T dress! here is the breakdown of what we came back with...
  • 11 dresses
  • 2 sets (top and bottom)
  • 1 night gown
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 jacket
  • 3 tshirts
  • 1 romper
  • 2 books
  • 1 step stool
Thats 24 items.  I spent $100 (and some change) for everything. That breaks down to an average of about $4.16 an item.  See why I shop consigment sales?!



  1. I seriously need to look into this! That is amazing! well done momma!

  2. Nice! You got a great deal! I wish there were better consignment shops around here - alot of the ones I've checked out don't seem to have great prices. :-/


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