Monday, February 25, 2013

Life with a 21 month old...

I 'almost' went through yesterday and forgetting Makayla is now 21 months old!  Though who is counting, right?  I definately won't be doing the monthly pics and all that after she hits the 2 year old mark. 

Cause who goes around saying, "My daughter is 43 months old!"?  Not me.

She's up to some new things this month.  We're still doing well on the potty scene.  I call it a good day when she goes 2 times.  Its not something I'm pushing at this point.  Mainly because she isn't telling me when she needs to go or has already went (in her diaper/pull up).  She'll tell me when she's ready.  But she's definately getting the hang of it!!  I'm really proud of her for picking up on things as quickly as she has.  I don't know if thats a 'girl thing' or not (have always heard girls are easier to potty train than boys)..but I'll take it! 

She loves to walk backwards.  Has for a while.  We tell her she's 'moonwalking'.  Its apparently hilarious though..I think she'd walk backwards everywhere if she could.  She also likes to touch her feet to her forehead.  Don't ask..but again..its totally funny to her when she does it.  She always laughs..I guess she knows she's accomplished new! 

Still avoids the camera.  This drives me CRAZY!!!  She'll be making the cutest smile or something..I'll go and grab the camera (or camcorder if its something she's doing thats cute) and of course, she stops.  She'll totally ignore me with the camera...about 90% of the time. 

not looking...

you can get as close as you want..I'm still not looking

She loves playing outside (when its warm, which is few and far between here where we live!), kitties, going ANYWHERE (she's such a roadie!), books, and cartoons.  I could put up a list a mile long, but lets face it, I don't want to bore everyone to death!  She's got such a personality.  She loves to help me put clothes in the dryer (her helper side).  And pushing buttons.  So much so that my mom has to unplug/hide all of her phones when we visit. ask?

Makayla dialed 911 a few months ago when we were up there.  No joke.  My mom hung up the phone before she 'thought' it went through.  They called back to make sure there was no emergency. emergency here..just a very curious toddler!!

There are so many things I love about this age.  She's just great.  She's always been great..she was such a good baby when she was wee little too.  But I love watching her grow (even though it pains me at times).  She's really becoming a 'big girl' right before my eyes.

I know its soooo blurry..but this is my cute, smiley girl!

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