Thursday, February 21, 2013

To post..or not to post..

That seems to be the question of the week for me its seemed!

I haven't felt really 'inspired' a whole lot this  A rut you might say.  Maybe..I dunno.

I've been checking in on everyone else though and leaving comments and the like.  And I have been up to some things (chasing a toddler, videoing her reading books, potty training (previous post), ordering great stuff online, shopping, crafting, etc, etc)..but I guess I've just been content where I am this week and thought I'd give it a few days before doing a really "put together" post.

I've been dealing with some fish problems w/our aquarium..I've lost two fish in the last 24 being one of my babies I've cared for since they were..well..born.  Broke my heart.  I had high hopes for the 2 of them.

In the process of treating the tank now and hoping that I can save the others who are sick.  Its a vicious cycle, y'all.

Going shopping today..a consignment sale no less!!  I guarantee Makayla will come back with a nice new wardrobe!!!  Been looking forward to this all month!!

I received some rings I ordered for myself (via hubby!) for Valentine's Day in the mail the other day.  Love them..but they are snug.  REALLY snug.  I might have to talk to the seller about seeing if she can reorder me some in a 1/2 size bigger.  I hope she's nice about it. 

I made myself another shirt too.  It turned out great (I LOVE the fabric) but it needs to be altered a bit.  No biggie..just a run through the sewing machine and it'll be a better fit (I made it a bit bigger than the previous..note to self..don't mess with something if it works!).

Hmm..guess I did have something to blog about after all?


PS..don't forget about my giveaway!!!  It ends friday!!

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  1. Those were great things to blog about. :-) I'm sorry about your fishies. :-( Hopefully you'll figure out what's wrong.


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