Monday, February 18, 2013


So we somehow 'unofficially' started potty training a week ago!

It sort of started by accident, if you will.  We (Makayla and I) were in the bathroom together..I was washing my hands or something..and I heard her grunting.  All you moms know what that means.  I said, "Do you need to go potty??" and promptly got her pants down and sat her on the potty.  The rest was history.  We made a HUGE deal out of it (cause you know..toddlers dig that!)..clapping/praising/high-fiving/dancing..well..I did a dance cause I was so proud!!  LOL! 

But I figured..ah..was probably just good timing..right place/right time sorta thing.

But she's getting the hang of it guys.

A week later (yesterday)..she went to the potty 3 TIMES.  Three times!!!  Talk about proud!!  She knows when I ask her if she needs to go potty..we go.  She literally runs to the bathroom.  And it was like yesterday she just knew she needed to sit there until something 'happened'. 

I'm not going to say it was a fluke anymore because she's really starting to understand the concept it seems.  Plus the fact that we bought an "Elmo Goes Potty!" book literally a day before all of this started..very good timing on our part!  Its become the bathroom staple..that and a paperback Minnie Mouse book (its good because its long).  So a tip if your starting or going to start potty training soon.  Get some books and keep them by the potty..just for potty time.  They get excited knowing they get to read their "special" books if they have to go potty.  Before..I was just giving her my hairbrush or some headbands (because she likes to play with them) to keep her occupied when we tried (with no success).  You need something thats going to keep their attention span for a few minutes (at least 5).  And we've been using pull-ups during the day.  Some people say to stay away from them..but so far we've had no issues.  We shall see.

After her first 'success'!

Any tips on how you manage being out (like at the grocery store) and take your toddler to the potty would be greatly appreciated.  Because thats still something we haven't had to do yet and I just have a feeling she's gonna freak out!

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Happy Monday!



  1. Yay! We are not quite there yet but we did get all the essentials to try soon. She is telling us when she is wet or poppy so that is a good sign. Once we are done with being sick we will have to try the actually sitting on the potty!! Good luck!

  2. ugh I'm so jealous we've had a lot of happy accidents but no consistency. She's just not interested in stopping what she's doing to go potty :( The books specially for potty time is a fantastic idea!! Thanks friend!!

  3. I'm so proud of miss Makayla for being such a big girl and going to the potty! You are doing a great job with her and before we know she will be fully potty trained..keep up the great work! :)

  4. I'm so impressed that you started potty training! I think Wyatt might be ready to start, but I"m not - I'm terrified! GOod idea to keep some books or toys by the toilet - I like that idea. Did you read any books on potty training or anything? I need to mentally prepare I think . . .

    And I did miss the Firmoo post so I'm glad you mentioned it - I'm off to enter the giveaway now!


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