Monday, February 4, 2013

"Standing Up"

Such a simple phrase..but have you ever really thought about how many meanings there can be to it?

Let me explain.

I was doing some thinking the other night about "standing up".  For a child, "standing up" is an important step in their developmental milestones (as us mothers all know).  For them to learn how to "stand up" (or pull up), they can then begin to learn to take their first steps.

Very important part of their lives, indeed!  Wouldn't you say?

Then I thought about myself, as a Christian, how important it is for myself to "stand up" in what I believe in.  In a world that is filled with so much sin nowadays, it can be hard sometimes to "stand up" for Christ.  The Bible does state (1 Corinthians 2:5) that "your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God". 

God shows us time and time again in His word what is right and what is wrong. The world today tries to make 'bad' things look good, and vise versa.  It is so important to stand firmly in God's truth.  Sometimes "standing up" for what is right can be painful.  It might mean friendships have to end, relationships die, feelings are hurt, and so on and so forth.  But, the pain and the hurt only last for a while. 

I'd rather live with a little hurt here on earth for a short time than to be "standing" before my Creator, having to give an account as to why I chose not to stand up for what is right and just and let it 'slide by' and pretend that everything was ok.  That something was right, even though I knew in my heart it was wrong.

I'm not willing to risk my eternity for that.

"Standing up" can be hard.  It can be hard to learn to do for us as adults, just as it is for a small child.  But once we learn and have it mastered, just like a child, we have to keep going forward.  There is no looking back once we "stand up" for God.  Like He was quoted as saying in John 5:8, "...Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.".  You see, after the man here was told to rise, he was instructed to keep moving forward. 

For us to keep moving forward in our walk with Christ, means that we are growing.  Its good to grow!!  And I guess this blog post might be about 'growing pains' too if you think about it that way.  So if your out there, and having a hard time dealing with an issue thats facing you right now, just remember to "stand up" for whats right.

Your heart will let you know.



  1. Girl this was beyond a wonderful post! I enjoyed it so much and what you said was sooo very true! Once we stand up we need to keep moving forward keeping our eyes on Jesus to look back would only bring death. I compare this to lot's wife who was instructed by God to not look back on sodom and gomorrah but instead to look toward life with her God and family, but she looked back and turned to a pillar of salt.that is what we get when we look back certian pain and death. Thank you for this post girl. You uplifted me and I know you touched and uplifted others too! Stand up, Stand up for Jesus ye soldiers of the cross, lift high His royal banner it shall not suffer loss!

  2. Good thoughts, Melanie! You're right, it's so important to stand up for what is right, even though it sometimes can be scary!


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