Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Its funny how bathtime evolves with a little one.

  • When they're first born, they normally 'HATE' getting sponged off. 
  • Then they can have a 'real' bath once that cord stump falls off, and bathtime becomes more and more pleasing. 
  • Transition from the baby tub to a real bath tub can be a nightmare (it was for us for a couple days!).
  • Then they come to LOVE bathtime!
This was the case for us, anyways.  I know each situation is unique to each child!  So now that we're in the 'big tub' stage, she's got all sorts of the tub toys you see on the market.

Rubber duckies line the tub, along with a momma whale w/babies AND a frog momma w/babies, some neat cups w/holes, a floating starfish that shoots out water, and a squeaky Minnie Mouse.

But you know what she loves playing with the best?  The homemade craft foam cutouts I made back in the summer.  I saw on pinterest that craft foam will 'stick' to the walls of the tub when wet and it made for a great addition to your kiddo's tub time.

Boy were they right!

And the best part..its sooooo cheap and the possibilities are endless.  Its a GREAT way to teach colors and shapes, and even numbers and letters later on. 

So the next time your debating on a 'new' toy for the tub for your kid...go to the craft section and buy a sheet of craft foam for pennies, and makes lots of new toys for them to play with!  You won't be sorry!


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  1. We used to have some of those foam cutouts when I was little - I should make some for Wyatt! What a great idea!


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