Monday, January 14, 2013

"DIRTY" Harry

I didn't know whether to call this post "Dirty Harry" or "Rinse and Repeat".

Any ideas where I'm going with this?  I got up this morning to find "Harry" (the still yet to be determined name for our newest cat) on the backporch with Jake.  Hair matted.  Fur wet-looking.  Pitiful.

I didn't know what had happened at first.  My only explanation was he was too dumb (like uh of our beloved cats whom passed away in in peace Thomas) to get out of the rain last night.  But then after a little while he came on the front porch.  So I got a chance to pet him before I fed him his breakfast. wasn't that he stood out in the rain.  He was dirt and mud covered.

He looked at me..really pitiful looking.  Like he could have said, "Help me" if he could talk.  My mom came down for a visit and after I got Makayla down for a nap and the house cleaned..inspiration struck.

"I'm going to give him a bath!!!"

Praise the good Lord it went well.  After the intial 'what on earth are you doing to me' passed..he was totally fine with the bath.  But you would not BELIEVE the tub after I got him out and in the process of being dried off.

I KID YOU NOT!!!!  AHHH!!!!!

The good thing is he is clean now..and I survived. hiding..of course!

Poor guy.  Hope he decides to not do this again anytime soon!

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