Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Most toddlers love to get their little hands on sweets whenever they can.  Chocolate, cookies, cake, ice cream.  All the good stuff.

Not mine.

My girl loves salt and all things salty.  Chips, french fries, crackers.  Thats the good stuff to her.  So to my suprise the other night, I was eating a fudge round (thanks Little Debby) and she was reaching out her little hand...wanting some!  I was actually glad to oblige..I thought maybe this would be our turning point and she'd like her sweets like the rest of us.

Side I don't want to stuff her little mouth with cookies and candy.  Nor do I stuff it with chips and crackers.  They are 'treats' and treated thus so. 

She liked it!  The one bite she took, that is!  But it was so funny to see her with chocolate on her little mouth.  Maybe there is hope that she'll eat cake for her 2nd birthday this year after all!!

In case your didn't have a 'cake smash' for her 1st birthday. Good thing too..she didn't touch her cake!  She wanted chips!

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  1. How funny! I don't suppose I've ever known a child who didn't love sweets! Not in my family, anyway. ;) We are CHOCOHOLICS! Glad she liked it and that second pic is perfect! :)
    Little story: When Perri was about 3 or 4, I caught her coming out of my bedroom on a few different occasions and when I'd ask what she was doing, she acted all innocent and said "Nothing, Momma!" Finally one day she walked out of there and she had chocolate around her mouth. I checked a box of peppermint patties I had under my side of the bed (MY SECRET STASH!!!) and what had been a full box the last time I'd checked now had 3 patties in it! LOL!


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