Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playing 'catch-up'!

Hello friends!!  How has 2013 been treating you thus far?  So hard to believe that the last post I posted was 'last year'!  But the week-long (and a day) break I took was much needed and I feel so refreshed and felt like I got alot done!  Here is a little glimpse of what I've been up to this year!

  • Getting well..I finally kicked that cold's 'rear' that I caught right around Christmas!  Herbal tea can go a long way, let me tell you!  That and alot of otc cold meds! 
  • I got all my Christmas decor down in ONE DAY!  Go me!
  • Been making new recipes from my Pioneer Woman cookbook..and loving every...single...one.  She's a rockstar, imo!  Be on the lookout for a post just on that later this week!
  • We adopted a new cat (another post to look for!).
  • I updated my blog background and design a bit!  While yes..I took a break from blogging..I did however read updates from all of y'all...and found a new and more 'cleaner' looking background design.  What do you think?  One of my resolutions for the new year is to comment more often.  I was bad to read a blog and that was pretty much it.  But..I got to thinking about how I look at the stats of my own blog and get kinda bummed when I see how many page views I get..but only a couple comments.  So I'm making it a priority, if I read it, I comment! (And maybe some of you Country Roads readers will do the same?  Pretty please!!)
  • Taking pics of my sweet girl..

  • Cleaning house! And I mean not just dusting/sweeping/mopping..I've cleaned windows, cleaned out some drawers, went through old clothes and got a goodwill bag all ready, installed my new printer I got for Christmas, and re-hung some pictures into a more eye pleasing arrangement!  I'm ready to get my house lookin good for the new year people!
  • Lovin' glitter polish..I heart it.
  • Fixing my tv (the cable cord fell out/came loose..simple fix).
  • And probably a few other things I've left off this list....



  1. Your kiddo is adorable! Sounds like you have been plenty busy!

  2. I'm not sure your blog posts aren't coming up in my reader! But I'm glad I am catching up!!

  3. She sure is a sweeties Melanie! And it sounds like you did such a great job of creating a special Christmas for her. :) I hope your husband's job is going well and that you're having a good new year so far!

  4. Makayla is so cute in her little coat! I love that nail polish too, glitter is so fun! Glad you had a good blog break. :-)


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