Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Straight"..and some recipes

Hello all!!  Hope everyone is staying warm wherever you might be!  Here in WV we've had some COLD days this week!  And looks like some snow for the weekend..hello winter! 

Anyways..y'all know I normally have curly locks.  Well..with the dip in temperatures here lately, I've resorted to blow drying my hair at night, so as to not to to bed with a damp head and possibly get sick.  I haven't worn my hair straight since I am still doing double-takes each time I go past a mirror!  I must say though, it is nice to be able to run my fingers through my hair for a change! 

On a totally different note, I have been in the kitchen experimenting again!!  Pioneer Woman gives some great recipes..both online and in her cookbook.  I made her Fried Chicken Tacos and Carnitas Pizza in the past couple weeks.  The tacos were wonderful (and fattening too) and definately something I'd make again.  I forgot when I bought the ingredients for these however, and had only flour tortillas.  The recipe calls for corn.  But..they still turned out great!!

The carnitas pizza however didn't quite cut the cake for us.  I had high hopes for this one too.  Bummer.  It wasn't bad, just not quite our taste.  And it gave Damon the heartburn.

He never gets heartburn. was something different for a change and I'm glad I gave it a go! 

Tried anything new at your dinner table lately?


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