Thursday, January 10, 2013


This is something I've given quite a bit of thought since having Makayla.  Sure, a lot of people in my immediate area hear the word homeschooling and think, "really?"..because its not something thats 'done' around here much.  I only know of one other person that homeschools. 

But she loves it.

This is why I've given it thought. 
  1. Sickness.  Right now, there is a vicious bug going around the local school(s).  Its getting spread like a wildfire out of control.  Now sure, I know I could walk into the local grocery store or post office and catch it just the same.  But, kids in school that are in contact with other (sick) kids are WAY more apt to catch something than those who aren't.
  2. Bullying.  Again, kids can get bullied everywhere.  And the one thing (probably the #1 thing) in my mind is that I do NOT want Makayla to feel isolated.  As in have no friends.  Kids NEED friends their own age.  I want her to have healthy relationships with others growing up.  The thoughts of her getting bullied in school makes me sad though.  Because I endured it.  I hated grade school because of that.  I want better for my child.
  3. Violence.  Sandy Hook, Columbine, Jonesboro, West Paducah.  Need I say more?  Just google lists of cities where school shootings have occured.  Its a LONG list.  And it can happen anywhere, including here where I live.
  4. One-on-one time.  A lot of time, in a school setting kids don't get the individual time they need with a teacher to grasp a subject.  Thats not something that would be an issue for a homeschooled child.
  5. Control.  And not in the way you would think when you first see that word.  Control, as in control over the material/subject matter that she is learning.  Let me explain a little deeper..I want my child to grow up in a God centered world.  I know the world is full of 'bad things' that I won't go into detail about and that she will be exposed to at some point in time.  But my job as her parent is to protect..not only her physically..but spiritually too.  I don't want her learning that the universe was created from a 'bang' or that having two mommies (or two daddies) is ok.  I want her to learn what GOD says..not some theory or belief system that is tainted with lies and rubbish.
And this is what scares me about it...

  1. The unknown.  Like I said, I only know of one other person who homeschools.  I don't know where I'd begin.  But I know God would help show me the way if this is something He continues to lead me to do.
  2. Isolation.  Again, I don't want Makayla to be isolated.  I want her to have friends.  To be involved in activities if she so pleases.  I don't know how it would work for us, especially given that we live in the country.
  3. Stress.  Not only on her, but myself as well.  I'm not a teacher (by certification) and I'm not sure I'd know how to deal with teaching her schooling as a whole.  Its scary to think about.
But what I do know, is this is something that has been on my heart since I've gave birth.  I never thought I'd EVER consider homeschooling, but here I am with it on my brain when I think about her future.  We'll see where God leads.

Do you homeschool or were homeschooled as a child?  What were your experiences?



  1. While I don't have any experience with homeschooling, I've been thinking about this too. I never thought I'd want to homeschool but with all of the violence and bullying, it might be the best thing. Our area allows homeschooled kids to participate in extra cirricular activities for the local school district despite being homeschooled. I figure, my kids can get their social interaction that way. I do know some adults who were homeschooled and they don't have the same social skills as kids who went to public or private schools.

  2. Good question! and something we have been thinking about too. Out here we also have charter schools that are public but much smaller and the curriculum can be changed as part of the design of the school. My hubby doesnt want to home school her for many of the reasons you listed but it is worth considering along with all of the other options!

  3. Hey Girl,
    As ya know abby is homeschooled and doing wonderfully. The online school she attends sends all the materials for her lessons as well as the books she needs and she does have outtings with other kids and has always gotten along well with children..being homeschooled doesn't have to mean isolation. My sister nor I are certified teachers, but she does well helping abby and the few times I taught abby wasnt to bad and she does have regular teachers too online. All in all I think its the way to go.

  4. I know several who homeschool or did homeschool when their children were of age. I wanted to homeschool Tucker SO BADLY...but The Hubster just wasn't for it. :( I had to have his support to be able to do it and I won't go against my husband.

    On the other hand, I could have never homeschooled Perri. She wasn't the kind of child who would flourish there, like I think Tucker would have.

    Basically I'm saying that some children will thrive in a homeschooling situation and some would wither away. You are the best judge of your own child and what you think will work for your family.

    Don't fall into the fear of isolation though! Not one homeschooled child I know has ever been isolated. True story! :) They are with children in church and in playgroups organized by their moms. They are involved in piano lessons, dance lessons, gymnastics, sewing classes, etc. There are homeschool groups who arrange field trips together and do group activities on a routine basis. It not only gives the kids a chance to socialize, it also gives the moms an opportunity to compare notes and have some time with others who are in the same situation.

  5. You know I was homeschooled, Melanie, and I completely agree with what Kelli said - church and Bible study groups are huge! Great opportunities for socializing. And there are tons of homeshcool groups out there that you can participate in. As long as there's a will to make sure your kids have opportunities to make friends, there are always places to take them where they can!


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