Monday, January 28, 2013

20 Months!

And a few days....

I hadn't done one of these posts in a while and thought y'all might want a more detailed update on what my girl Makayla is up to nowadays!!!

First let me say..its still hard to believe that in 4 short months she will be 2!!!!  Where does the time go?!?!?  But anyways..she is such a joy to us and into so much nowadays!

{Sizes}  She wears a size 5 in diapers still.  She wears a 3T in dresses and shirts and either 24 months or 2T in bottoms (depending on the style).  Size 6 1/2-7 in shoes.  Her feet are growing like CRAAAZY!  Does walking stimulate growth..because I'm starting to think so!!  Of course when she was little..we didn't really bother with shoes (came to later regret because when she started 'needing' to wear shoes..she wouldn't) but now of course its a must.  Oh and she loves shoes now (thank goodness)..must get it from momma!  She's always bringing me one silver sparkly shoe and one blue house slipper.  Every night. 

{Teeth}  She's got all 4 of her 1 year molars in and currently working on those darn eye teeth.  All 4 of them.  At the same time.  She's been cutting them for some time now (a few weeks?) but they seem to be pretty slow in coming in.  Thankfully she hasn't been bothered too much by them but the past couple nights has been rubbing where they are coming maybe they are about to fully push their way in. 

{Talk}  She jabbers all the time and knows lots of words.  She says phrases now too..but its just random.  Some things she's said are...
"Its Da!!" (all the time..she loves her 'Da' (aka Daddy))
"How are you?" (I caught this one on video!!)
"Who's that?"
"Good Job!"
"Where am I?" (said this at my parents house one day when we hadn't been there in a while..was hilarious!)

{Favorites}  She loves kitties (esp her new cat "Harry"), books (as usual), and her new one is monkeys!  Totally obsessed.  I blame her sign language dvd (another fav) because thats when it all started (the first sign on the video is for 'monkey').  We were in Target a while back and she saw a stuffed monkey in the toy section she seemed to like.  After a few seconds, she seemed uninterested so I put it back on the shelf and moved on.  Fast forward several aisles over, and she starts pouting her lip out and doing the 'boo-hoo' thing in a really cute and really pitiful way!  So I go back over to where the monkey was..sure enough..she wanted him!  He's her favorite toy I'm glad I bought him!  She's also got a girl monkey too that she loves.  She's also starting to get interested in coloring, which makes me so happy!!!!  I've bought her a ton of coloring books and we brought her easel into the living room the other night so she'd have more time to play with it (was in the spare bedroom).  She really likes chalk and the chalkboard part of her easel as well.  Bathtime is a big favorite too (I plan on doing a post on this later in the week), as is washing MY leg.  Don't ask why..just something she started doing one night..its pretty funny..she likes for me to give her some 'soap' (baby wash) so she can clean my leg real good!  She was obsessed with potatoes, but I think that phase has passed.  She'd randomly get potatoes out of my potato bin.  I'd find them everywhere!  Her newest thing is helping me put clothes in the dryer.  I give her items of clothing, one by one, and she'll put them in the dryer.  Then (after I push the clothes all the way in), I tell her "close!" and she closes the door.  I praise her ALOT and we high-five!  She also loves to talk on the phone, but what girl doesn't?!

{Potty-training}  I thought we were ready for this one a couple weeks ago, but I don't think we're quite there yet.  I bought her a supply of things..we already had a potty for her but I bought a toliet seat cover for her to use on our toliet as well, and pull-ups as well as training panties. 
 *FYI*..if you buy pull-ups..make SURE you double check the sizes.  I bought the wrong size(2T)...when I opened them I saw a "4" on the back of the pull-up..hence the same as a size 4 diaper.  I thought you went by pant 2T seemed like the right thing to get.  Guess I didn't read close enough.  Anyways..we're gonna try to use these up asap! 
We tried potty training one evening..just to see what she'd do.  Had the training panties on and asked her if she needed to go potty a few times.  Put her on the potty and told her what we were doing..etc.  As soon as she got off of it (like probably less than a minute)..she peed and didn't seemed phased AT ALL.  I thought if she felt herself get wet..something might register.  I'm not discouraged or was only one night afterall!  And I've read alot of different blogs on tips/tricks/etc..I'm just thinking right now..its not quite her time yet.  We're gonna try again soon though!

{Eating}  We're doing pretty good on this one..but its still a challenge.  I'd consider her a picky eater for sure!  I notice now she eats considerably more than she did just a month or so ago.  She loves her chicken nuggets, kiwi, pinto beans, bananas, cereal, meatballs, turkey sausage, and occassional french toast stick (via schwans).  Her go-to snacks are goldfish, yogurt bites, teensy fruits, anything Plum Tot (found at Toys R Us), and potato chips (not something she gets often).  She still won't TOUCH mac and cheese or scrambled eggs, which bums me because I think if she'd just try it she'd like it!!  In time!

{Sleep}  Bedtime is around 10pm (yes..that late!) and she wakes up anywhere from 9-10am (sometimes a little later).  I am not a morning person and neither is she!  This schedule suits us great..given our families schedule taken into account.  I can get her up earlier if need be, if we're needing to go somewhere, and she's just fine.  She just doesn't like to get up early.  Yeah..she's like me!  Naptime is 2pm (sharp..she will fall asleep at 2 on the dot even if we are in the car going somewhere!) and she naps for around 3 hours..sometimes less. 

Your such a sweet little girl!  You love your mommy and daddy so much and love being around people.  Your so easy-going and I love that about you!  Having fun is the name of your game..we have such good times together whether we're at home, out shopping, at church, or visiting grandma and grandpa.  I can't believe how fast your growing up.  I love your blonde curls, blue eyes, and curly little toes.  I love that your learning new things and seeing you get excited when you learn something new.  I can't imagine life before you, or life without you.  Your mine and daddy's pride and joy!  We love you to the moon and back, 'chugga'!



  1. OMG...she is getting so big...I say that like I am surprised since our littles are so close in age!! Good to know about the pull ups! I thought we were getting close for that too...not so much. I am not in a huge hurry. I wish Little Miss said more short sentences...she is talking up a storm but usually just one word or sign. Love these littles growing.

  2. She is just a doll! I'm impressed that you're tackling the potty training thing already - I'm scared to try, LOL! We need to start thinking about it soon though - my reason for not before now has been to let Wyatt adjust to the new baby, but he's adjusting so well, and I think he's getting closer to being ready.


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