Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And then we had fish...

So y'all know we have a 'furry crew' that consists of 3 cats (Ravey, Jake, and Harry) and 1 dog (Miss Daisy).  But now we have added to the list and have fish!!

Back when Damon and I first were married, we had a small fishtank with 2 angelfish (aptly named Moe and Joe).  I LOVED them.  They lived for around 3 years before they died.  So after that I kinda gave up on keeping fish for a while..figuring I'd return to it sooner or later.

Fast forward 8 years or so.  Damon was doing some work for a friend he worked with in the mines this past summer.  The guy had a massive fishtank in his building..stand and all.  Damon was telling me how nice it was, etc, and that his friend said he'd talk to his wife about letting us buy it from them.  A few weeks back, they were talking on the phone and the guy mentions that his wife said we could have the tank and stand for FREE! 

So naturally, we jumped on that awesome offer!

After some cleaning, and more cleaning (she had used it as a saltwater tank..so there was quite a bit of residue) we got it in the house..accessories purchased (new filter system, gravel, and all the pretties) and now..fish!!

(The mollies)

I'm sooo loving it.  It goes beautifully in our really large living room.  We currently have 3 black mollies, 2 'baby' mollies (story behind that in a sec), 2 white tetras, 2 cory catfish, 1 mickey mouse platy, and 1 gold gourami (who is getting returned to petsmart today due to picking on the others).  The first bunch of fish we purchased were the 3 black mollies.  I jokingly said to Damon as we were coming home with them, "Boy..that one sure is big..might be pregnant!".  Well..guess all jokes aside I was right on!  A few days later I saw babies swimming around in the tank..so I rushed to my mom's to borrow her breeding tank (She, like myself, once had an aquarium.  BUT..she kept alot of her supplies (unlike myself)!) and was able to catch 2 of the babies.  Yeah..the rest got eaten.

(One of the babies..at the top/center of the picture.  Its black..just like his momma!)

Its terrible.  Who eats their babies?!?!?

Anyways..things have been going smoothly with all the fish, except for that darn gourami.  He's not nipping the other fish..just chasing (mostly the tetras) and aggrevating them.  Then I read you can't mix gourami's with angelfish (something I'm hoping to add to the crew soon).  So..back he goes to Petsmart.  I'm hoping the angelfish do well with the others.  I know they are also a semi-aggressive fish (as are the gouramis), but I've read over and over online that they mix very well with most community fish.  The ones we had along time ago weren't aggressive in any way, shape, or form.  So fingers crossed!  I've read so much on fish in the past couple weeks it makes my head spin.


(One Tetra and the mean ol' Gourami)

(Cory Catfish)

(Mickey Mouse Platy..the orange one, Cory Catfish, and one of the Tetras)

Anyone else have a fishtank?  Like/Dislike?

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  1. I love to watch the fish in big tanks but not sure I would want to have to take care of them. A long time ago we had tiny water frogs now those were really cute. I wonder if you could put them in with a fish community like yours.


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