Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Christmas

Christmas this year was a wonderful day!!  Our "big" day is Christmas Eve moreso than Christmas Day because thats when we have my parents down to our house for all the appetizers I make every year and when we open gifts to each other!  Christmas Day we celebrate at their place with a nice dinner of ham and all the trimmings...

Of course I forgot to take any pictures of the apps I made this year..but I promise you it was quite a feast!  I made ham and cheese pinwheels, stuffed mushrooms, brie and goat cheese stuffed puff pastry w/jam, wrapped weenies, chips and dip, fluffy grape jello dip w/graham crackers, chex party mix, Christmas 'crack', and sugar cookies! was quite the spread! 

She was more happy about it than she looks in the picture!

I think I caught Damon off guard!

My mom loved the sweater I got her!

We had a great time together and opening gifts, of course!  Makayla loved her table set from her grandma and grandpa and I was tickled to get some new jeans!  Damon got a new drill so that was right up his alley too!  We just couldn't wait and let Makayla open her 'big' gift from us in front of her grandma and grandpa.. a vintage pink kitchen!!

Yes..she started playing with it before it was totally unwrapped!

"Wow..I can't believe it!"

We read the story of Jesus' birth before we opened our gifts..something we want to do each year now as a tradition to remember why we exchange gifts in the first place.  This year we used Makayla's book instead of actually reading from the Bible (thought it would keep her interested for a longer period of time)..but in the coming years will read from the Bible when her attention span is more than 2 seconds long!

Then we opened gifts!!  It was more fun this year..Makayla could actually open them herself so she was pretty into it!

I bought us all some semi-matching pjs this year to wear Christmas Eve night so we could have similar outfits on when we got up on Christmas Day!  I think I did pretty well..thanks to Target!

You can barely see them..but my pants were a green paisley print...

And of course, Ravey and Jake had their stockings to open..can't forget the kitties!!  

"Ray-Ray" was pretty happy to get some special catfood!
And then Jake came in....
Ravey's day was officially!

At grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas Day!
Not too sure about dinner....

And a family pic!

Now you wouldn't have known it through these days posted here..but I was slowly but surely coming down with 'something'.  It started with a teeny tiny tickle in my throat on Dec. 23rd and by time this last picture was taken on Christmas Day I figured it wasn't going to leave.  By that night, it hit me full force and I was pretty much on the couch suffering for the rest of the week.   I guess just the common cold only superman sized.  I hadn't been that sick for a while and what always gets me the worst about a cold is the sore throat.  I cant..stand..a..sore..throat.  But..I'm finally starting to get back on my feet after alot of prayers and alot of otc meds.   Funny story there..I usually have everything on hand in case something like this strikes..but where I couldn't/wouldn't take anything while I was pregnant/nursing Makayla..that had been like over 2 years so yeah..I didn't have a thing on hand!  Damon took friday off work and went with me and the baby girl to get some meds and groceries.  He even suprised me one day last week with some roses.


I look back at this post and now think I probably should have made it into 2..but oh well.  I hope I didnt lose you all somewhere halfway through! 

Due to my being sick for so long last week, my poor house was neglected.  Alot.  And since tomorrow is a New Year..I'm gonna take the week to get my house cleaned up and ring in the new year with my sweet family..and pray our new year in our household is a good one. 

Be safe and see you next year!!


  1. Happy New Year! Those pictures were great and love love the piggy tails in makayla's! So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I'm so happy ya'll had a wonderful Christmas! You guys are just the cutest little family EVER.. I can't help but smile reading your posts :)

    I hope you are back to 100% sooon!


  3. Looks like you had a great Christmas!


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