Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Projects!

So I've been kinda busy lately.

You know..decorating the house for Christmas (post to come w/pics!)..baking (another post to come..again..with pics!)..and making some cute Pinterest-inspired projects for Christmas!

That's this post!

Hey I had to get y'all's attention..right?  Anyways..I've had a blast making the few projects I have been working on.  They've all been super easy..anyone-can-do..projects.  I'll start with Makayla's 'play' tree.

Don't mind the disgusted look on her!

See..she's having fun!

I got this idea on pinterest..I thought what a neat idea..a tree she can play preferably her own room!  Just hopefully she won't eat the 'play' ornaments!  I obviously didn't make mine HUGE like in the link..but you definitely could with more sheets of green felt.  I just used one sheet of green..cut into a tree shape..and pink and purple felt (its what she picked out herself) for the ornaments..and lastly yellow for the star.  She loves to play with it!  And you know what..(fingers crossed as I say this)..she has a real tree (artificial) in her room..all of 5 feet tall..with pink and silver ornaments all over..lights..the whole nine yards.  She doesn't bother it ANY.  Just likes to play with the tree skirt from time to time  Now I dont know if its because she's got this play tree to play with or not..but just sayin'.....

for us..

for my mom!

I also made these wreaths after I seen a fellow blogger last year make a wreath with the same idea (and probably the same color theme)!  All you do is cut out a circle out of cardboard (aka..your wreath form) and hot glue a ribbon and a bunch of glitter snowflakes to the 'wreath form'!  Very simple and SO PRETTY!  These pictures really don't do these wreaths justice in my opinion.  The one I kept for actually now hanging in Makayla's room.  I didn't even realize it at the time..but it matches her room perfectly (remember the new curtains I made and the post I did on the end result?) and pink!  Totally not planned but it worked out well!

And favorite of all.  I made this wreath after seeing one pretty much exactly like it on pinterest.  Only thing is..I didn't expect it to turn out so beautifully.  Same basic way I did the above..I used a cardboard 'wreath form'..but I cut strips of ivory colored tulle about 14" (I used probably close to 2 spools that you buy at walmart for $3 each..I already had one spool but not sure how much had been used off of it for another project) and double knotted each strip around the form.  Then I hot glued some glittery blue and silver snowflake ornaments to the middle (to hide the knots) and voila!  It was so pretty..the only place it could be properly displayed was my front door.  :-)

Have you made any new projects for your home for this Christmas season?


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  1. Great Job on the projects girl and they all turned out wonderful! Gonna get my stuff today hopefully and start my snowflake wreath very soon!


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