Monday, December 17, 2012

What a weekend!

Its been quite the weekend around here (and week to come from the looks of it)!!  Here is a bit of a recap....

  • Makayla and I went Christmas/grocery shopping on saturday!  Had a great time out w/my girl and we got daddy's shopping completed!!
  • Had a good friend of Damon's (well..he's my friend now too!) come by saturday evening spreading some holiday cheer!  He worked w/Damon before they all were laid off back in March and he's now in CDL training.  He even came bearing gifts..very sweet and very unexpected!  We had a great visit though!
  • Makayla woke up twice saturday night screaming in HYSTERICS.  I was  I thought something was seriously wrong.  She'd NEVER done this before.  The only thing we could figure is it was a combo of several things.  Lack of sleep/nap from our shopping trip that day.  She's cutting her top molar on the right side right now.  And possible belly ache from dinner (I didn't feel too good after eating the take out I'd brought home myself).  Maybe even a nightmare.  Who knows.  Its hard when they are at that age that they can't really tell you what it is.  I tried giving her gripe water (for belly ache) but I couldn't even get her to take it she was crying so hard.  After alot of prayers the second time, she slept thru the night.  Praise God!
  • Church was a no-go for us today after all we went thru with last night.  Makayla slept in until 11am!  I kept going in to check on her just to make sure she was ok (and breathing!)..but she was fine..and was all day today!  Praise God...again!!
  • I did attend choir practice this evening though because we have a program that is this wednesday!!  I'm very excited about it and am looking forward to it alot! 
  • Speaking of that..we have practice AGAIN on tuesday to get things down pat.
  • Wednesday night is the program!
  • And of course, by time friday or saturday rolls around again..I'll have to do last minute Christmas shopping.
  • Did I mention I want to make eggnog fudge this week?
  • And make a camera strap cover?
  • AND would like to go to Hobby Lobby for the supplies??
  • And oh yeah..I'd like to go to KY to visit my grandma for the holidays too..but I don't know if that can/will happen this week or not!
Whew..I'm exhausted already and the week hasn't even begun!

(On a side note...I didn't forget about the tragedy that happened on friday in Connecticut.  It was a terrible, unthinkable thing.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected.)


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  1. This list made me tired! Praying that this week goes smoothly!


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