Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tree Shirt!

This is one I 'almost' forgot to share with y'all!  I made Makayla a Christmas tree shirt from alot of ideas I saw guessed it..Pinterest!  I bought my ribbon at Michael's during their Black Friday sales (it was like 70% off!) and the shirt at Walmart.  It definately cost me less than $5 to make!

I tried to ruffle the strips of ribbon w/my sewing machine..but ahhh..that I'm not too good with yet.  I've sewn for years..but doing ruffles is something new to me.  So I'll have to practice some more on it!  Anyways..I just kinda eyeballed the whole design of the tree and can see now why laying out each strip and having them cut before you put them on the shirt would be a good idea!  My tree was a bit lopsided..but hey..that just means its homemade, right?!  I love how it turned out though and we got tons of compliments when she wore it out on one of our shopping excursions! 

I actually used the sewing machine to sew each row of ruffles to the shirt.  Some people on pinterest used the fusible stuff you use to iron stuff to shirts.  But I've NEVER had luck w/that stuff!  I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what.  I think the stuff just rejects me.

But it wasn't hard at all.  From start to finish it probably took me 30 minutes (give or take).  Not bad for a project that was sewn! 

Even if it did turn out lopsided...


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  1. You did a great job on the shirt girl! Its so cute! I know makayla looks adorable in!


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