Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

In our house, that is!  Here is a peak of how our house is decorated for this special time of year!

Love this..

Living odd spot but it looks good..considering!

Makeshift tiebacks for the dining room curtains..a little sparkle goes a long way!

The off a peaceful glow..

Her can tell how excited she looks about it!

Dining room..

A new rug I bought last year day after Christmas @ Macy's!

Kitty's stockings..and yes..I couldn't bear to leave out Thomas'..miss my buddy.

Notice the sneaky little hands getting ready to grab a village house!

Living room...

And of course, the tree!!

View from below looking up..

I was VERY happy to get it up and decorated!  A first this year..I got it all done (tree put up, lights, decorations) all in one 'swoop'..took me all of 3 hours!



  1. How fun, love your decorations! Especially the blue tree. :-)

  2. Your house looks wonderful and sooo pretty! Had to laugh at the little hands gettin ready to snatch a house from the! You did a great job decorating!

  3. I love getting great decorations at after Christmas sales - then I pack them away and usually forget all about them until the next year when I open up my boxes of decorations :) Your house looks beautiful and ready for Christmas! I love your tree! Merry Christmas :)

  4. Beautiful. I especially love the "Believe in Miracles"

  5. Love the rug! Awesome deal. But the bathroom! How neat is that!


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