Monday, December 10, 2012

An Awesome Weekend

There are just no words to describe how great my weekend was.

But don't worry..I'll try!

Damon came in from work on Friday (the fact that I can actually say that has alot to do with why my weekend was so great) and said he was off for the weekend!  That was great..since (one) I had alot of grocery shopping to get done, (two) we were 'celebrating' my upcoming birthday, and (three) I had a church dinner to cook for and this meant we wouldn't get home super late like I was anticipating. 

He told me for my go ahead and get myself a new camera.  I had just started talking about this idea literally a week or two ago.  It occurred to me that my trusty point and shoot Nikon..while I love was just not doing the trick for getting good shots of Makayla anymore.  A toddler that can run faster than that camera could keep up with..I felt like I was missing out on alot of good pictures.  Originally..I didn't think we could quite afford the 'camera of my dreams'..but after doing some figuring..adding in money I'd earned..etc..I came to the conclusion that we could definitely wing it! 

I was so excited about our trip out on saturday that I couldn't sleep a wink friday night!

No..not all because I was 'getting' something..but also for the quality time w/my sweet family.  We (as in Makayla and myself) hadn't been out shopping with daddy for quite some time.  His schedule and things weren't permitting us to go out as a family since he started back to work.  So it was nice. REALLY nice.  We ate out at my our favorite restaurant..a locally owned Greek family runs it but its Italian.  They put an AMAZING twist to some Italian dishes!  If your ever in the Charleston area..look for Pizza Barbarossa.  We had a fantastic dinner and then went about doing some shopping!  I got my mom's Christmas shopping camera purchased..a few things for us..had a nice look see at Cabela's (Makayla loves the fish tank..I wish I had taken my camera with us!) my hair cut (I'll spare you all the details..but I thought I was going to wring the lady's neck who cut my hair at first..but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise that she did what she did!) and of my much needed groceries.  Came home and unloaded..and I started my cooking for the next day.  I was beat...but in a good way!

My new 'do'!  Can't tell it..but she cut my bangs thicker and blended them into my hair!

Sunday we had church and a church dinner afterwards.  It was a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas I had to make the big chocolate cake.  If you don't know me might not have heard of this before. But trust is just that.  A BIG chocolate cake!  All 3 layers!  All from scratch..and the most amazing chocolate icing you've ever put in your mouth. 

Over the years..I've learned that this cake has control.  Not me.  I guess with the rush rush of the morning..I forgot that.  Because I tried to frost it quickly even though the cakes had cooled over night and the icing was made the night before as well and was refrigerated overnight. 


I saw the layers were starting to run on after I got the whole thing frosted I threw it in the fridge real quick hoping it would set up.  Wrong again.  When I opened the door about 15 minutes later..I could see through the clear cake cover that the cake had split-in-half.  Mind you..I'd NEVER had this happen to me in all the 15 years I figure I've made it.  But..I figured oh well..nothing I can do and its not going to affect the taste of it!!  I only brought home a sliver of that went over well with everyone despite how terrible it looked!  I even joked that I should have grabbed a bunch of fake poinsettias and stuck it in the middle!

My evening ended with choir practice.  We have an upcoming candlelight service we've been practing for for a while now.  Might sound boring to some..but we had such a good time (as we always do) and I laughed my head off at my friend in practice for mispronouncing a word..I was in TEARS!  We were all laughing (with her not at her!) but it just made it worse how it just tickled my funny bone so badly it got to where everyone was laughing at ME and that just made me laugh harder!! 

It was what I needed.  A good weekend with a good laugh to end it.  :-D

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  1. Oh yay for a new camera! Happy birthday too, by the way!

  2. LOL! Oh I remember the big chocolate cake and yep it was as big as it was heavy, but boy was it! I'm so glad you had a great weekend and your hair looks great I like it alot!


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