Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I am not a messy person.  But I live with a messy person.

Nope..not Damon.  Well..most of the time anyways he's not.

Makayla.  Oh yeah..you know how messy toddlers can be!  I don't mind it though..its to be expected.  Toddlers live to create messes.  And in a very short time span (matter of seconds) they can make a mess bigger than Texas.  But she's learning to pick up her messes.  Sure, I have to say, "ok..lets clean this up so we can "fill in the blank""..and she loves to help pick up things and put them back.  Some things I still do (like some of her books because they go in her bookshelf), but some things I expect her to help with.  Its a learning process.  But I hope (in time, of course) that she'll want to keep things 'tidy'.

So how do you handle the messes your toddler/child makes?  

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