Monday, April 22, 2013

Its "Springy"!

For once,  I think spring-time has hung around longer than it usually does here in my neck of the woods!  Knock on wood, of course, I'm hoping it stays for a while! We usually go from snow/winter weather straight to 100 degrees of yuck (or summer, as most of you know it by)!  We're going to savor every bit of it while we can!! 

On a side note, I'm not a total 'hater' of summer.  I just don't like the heat and humidity..aka stiffling weather that we normally have around here.  80 degrees with a light breeze suits me just fine..but we normally don't have that much..its ALWAYS hotter with loads of humidity.  And after last summer's 'derechio' that we had (massive wind storm that was close enough to being a tornado for my taste) that knocked out our power for a whole week while enduring 100 degree days and 80 degree nights with no A/ made my dislike for summer even more I'm afraid! 

Ok..getting off my soap box! 

Primrose in bloom makes me :-)

Nothing like line dried clothes (and yes, I do this!)

They may not be purdy..but I love my sandals!

Little purple flowers popping through

Shorts + sandals + pretty weather = happy little girl (despite the look on her face!)!
Our baby rhododendron

Apple blossoms


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  1. The flowers are gorgeous, good photos Melanie! You're really getting the hang of your camera!


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