Friday, January 28, 2011

Yay for weekends!!

I soooo look forward to the weekends!  Of course, who doesn't?!  Seems its been forever since Damons had a whole weekend off..with the new job and kinda threw us off on his days.  At least he's not having to work 12 days straight before getting anytime off now!!  Not sure what all we'll be doing this weekend..I know we'll head out one day for some grocery shopping and the like.  But I imagine we'll be spending alot of time in our pj' is the norm for us in the winter months.  Ahhh..nothing beats it!!  I was inspired by a friend to revisit an old recipe of mine..homemade blueberry pancakes WITH homemade blueberry syrup!  Oh they are to DIE for y'all!!  I haven't made them in ages and I think this weekend is calling for them.  :-)  I'll be sure to post some yummy pictures of the finished product in the near future (and the recipe for those who'd like to try them!).  Until then..have a happy weekend..stay warm..and spend a day in your pj's!!! 


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  1. LOL! yeah i'll be spending the day in my pjs cause it refuses to stop snowing and its better to say in where its warm : )

    You have a warm, safe and blessed weekend too girl.


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