Thursday, January 27, 2011

All things baby..

I'm sorry if anyone out there is getting tired of the baby posts..but all of us new mama's on blogger right now just can't help ourselves..and I'm one of them!  I HAD to share with everyone some of the great little items I've picked up for Makayla over the past couple of weeks as well as a little suprise gift I got in the mail from my sweet bloggy friend, Miranda!  Thanks again, Mir!!  I totally wasn't expecting that!!  :-)  Here is what she sent me thru the mail...

Some cutie burp cloths/diapers!  I love em'!!  They came from the great etsy store (which I checked out, btw..great stuff in there ladies!), PLM DeZigns. 

Here are some outfits I've picked up myself...

(A close up shot)

I found this outfit right before I found out if we were having a boy or a girl and couldn't believe my luck!  I ran back to Marshall's and picked it up before it was gone (was the last one like it) appropriate with the embrodiered "M" for Makayla on the outfit and matching blanket!!!  It even came with a hat and was only $12.99 for the whole set!  This is probably my favorite outfit I have for her, thus far.  :-)

A cute little warm outfit for the winter months, I snagged this one on clearance for just $2.99!  Its originally from Babys R Us too!

And last but not least, I picked this up at Gabriel Brothers (its an AWESOME store thats mostly in the east coast part of the U.S. as far as I know) for $4.99.  I loved the pretty springy green color and the fact that it says "I Love Daddy" on the onesie and "Love Daddy" on the back of the little matching pants!  Damon really liked this one, as you can imagine!

We've been talking about the baby shower to come and trying to figure out a good time to have it.  So far..we know it'll be in early April..we just have to set a date and get the place where we're going to have it at reserved.  And I wanted to ask..any of y'all who participated in the recent promotion from Shutterfly..have you gotten your code for the $25 gift certificate emailed to you yet?  I hadn't, as of yesterday, and was starting to wonder.  PLEASE..let me know!!  I'm planning on using that for some of our baby shower invites.

To close..I thought you might want to see a couple pictures of our little one.  Can't get enough of those ultrasound pictures, don't you know!  She opened her little mouth for my mom and I (my mom went with me this time) cute!!!  And I saw her little hand outstretched for the first time as well!  She had always had them clenched before.  She's gained some weight in the 2 weeks since I had last been in as well..up to 1 pound 2 ounces!!  I couldn't believe it!  :-) she is!!

Hope everyone has a great day today!!



  1. I love looking at all her little pink things! :-) It's SO MUCH fun to go shopping for your baby!! I still have fun doing it! ha! I got a lot of Tristan's things at Kohls on the clearance rack :-) I never pay full price for anything ;-)

    I'm so glad you like your burp cloths! I had cute burp cloths with Tristan and they just made things more fun.. as fun as cleaning up spit up can me :-)

    Can't wait to see more great finds for baby M! :-)

  2. I LOVE baby things! And even though I won't be having more of my own, I don't get tired of looking at them. :) I absolutely ADORE the little outfit with the 'M'! :)

    Love the pics, too. :) Aren't those ultrasound pics just the best?

  3. Those baby outfits you picked out are adorable! And how sweet of miranda to send you those cute burp cloths! I love seeing sweet baby things! I would be blogging about it constantly if i were you too ;)

  4. Love it! That is all that is on my mind too! PS we are having a girl too!

  5. Those clothes you picked out for Makayla are soooo cute! You did a good job picking them out girl!

    She is so cute...those pics you posted are wonderful and im glad you share them : )

    Your baby shower is gonna be a big!, but its gonna be loaded with lots of love, and laughter too : )

    Babies are just to precious..congrats to all the new moms and mom's to be out there!

  6. Cute outfits! And the ultrasound pictures are adorable!


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