Monday, January 10, 2011

20 Weeks!

I'm officially at the halfway mark!  It felt like it would take forever until I could say those words many of my fellow prego bloggers have uttered..but here I am!  And now it seems hard to believe!  Where did the time go??  Anywho..I love that maternity outfit I'm wearing in the above was a new outfit I had saved especially for my first 'new' doctors appointment!  She even complimented me on it!  Now..onto some fun stuff!!

Cravings ~ Still pretty much the same.  Oh does anyone find it unusual that every morning I eat wheat toast w/peanut butter and a small glass of OJ?

Baby Movements ~ YES!!  I have been feeling little Baby "G" (short for our last name) punching me way down below my bellybutton!  So cute!! 

Weight Gain ~ 11 pounds total so far..not as bad as I thought it would be after the holidays!

Next Dr. Appt. ~ Tomorrow!!  You guys are saying, "I thought she was going on friday?'..I did in fact go friday as well.  Tomorrow isn't really considered a dr visit though I guess..but an ultrasound appointment!  More to follow....

Baby's Gender ~ Wellll..when I went to the dr on friday..I found out the ultrasound lady had just had a baby herself and hadn't been coming in on fridays since her delivery.  Wish I had known that before!  I told my dr how I was planning on having a party on saturday (gender reveal) and she got one of the other drs on staff to try to see if he could find out for us.  While he 'thinks' he knows what the baby is..he wasn't 100%.  Boo!  So they scheduled me for tomorrow with the lady who really knows what she's doing and hopefully this time Baby G won't be having his/her legs crossed (baby was doing that on friday!)!  So y'all are gonna have to wait to find out just a few more days!!

Gender Reveal Party ~ Yes..I am 'planning' on having one!  Really excited and so are alot of my family who are coming.  Its going to be a very small party..probably about 15 people, give or take, of close family and good friends.  I'll be sharing all the details later in the week!  I plan on having the party wednesday afternoon! theme? favorite color (plus its a gender neutral color)!

Thats about all I have for today..pray for us tomorrow as we venture over to see the doctor once again and get that all important ultrasound done!  They have been calling for I hope we can make it!  Happy Monday y'all!!



  1. You look so cute! I like your outfit too! Can't wait to hear the gender . ..

  2. You are so adorable! I can't wait to find out what you're having!! :-)

    Praying that you don't get snowed in!

  3. I know you must have been so disappointed to not find out the gender for sure! But hey, not that much longer! :) The outfit is VERY adorable! :) Brie (my daughter who is 25 weeks along) has a shirt I love. It says "Does this baby make me look fat?" LOL!!

  4. Yay for being half way! I hope you know soon whether there is a he or she in there!!!!


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