Monday, January 3, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

As you can see..I made some changes to my background and header over the weekend!  I love it!  What do you guys think?  Guess you could say we're set for Valentine's Day here at Country Roads!

Went out friday to do some shopping with my mommy!  We had fun but WOW was Walmart a nightmare!  Note to self..don't go out again on the 31st of December!!  It was worse than the Christmas shoppers!  But..I did come away with some cutie baby stuff for little Baby "G" at some of the stores we visited!

We went to church on sunday!!  Normally this wouldn't make 'headline' news..but due to the bad weather around here in the month of December..we hadn't had church regularly for about a month!  I think we maybe were able to go to services twice in the whole month, so it was so wonderful to be back into the Lord's house with all my brothers and sisters in Christ!  I missed them all so much!

I'm praying that the papers I am mailing today will be able to help one of my bills get resolved.  I had to go to the drastic measures of contacting our state's Attorney General's office to find someone to help me!  Its unreal how far a person has to go to find good help these days..for something that shouldn't be allowed to take place in the first place.  I talked to one very rude man on the phone (insurance comissioner) who said it didn't matter what a doctor wants to charge..whether its $500 or $5000..that if they want to do it thats up to them.  Well let me tell you..if it was YOUR'd care!

Funniest moment of the weekend ~ my fur baby, Ravey was acting her usual silly self sunday morning.  Damon was waiting for me to get ready for church and was watching a fishing program on tv.  Lately, Ravey has taken a SERIOUS interest in watching tv (like she really pays attention to whats on the screen!) and this guy on tv said, "Are you ready to grab life by the gills?!?!!".  Damon said Ravey declared, "MEOW!!" I guess you could say she's ready for 2011!!



  1. Good for you, Melanie! I'm glad you contacted someone who can help you get that bill issue resolved. Hopefully there will be no more of that in 2011! :)

    We made it to church this weekend, too. It was the first time in weeks! Between Phil getting called out to work and bad road conditions, I'm not sure that we made it to church even once in December. :(

    Sounds like Ravey is ready for 2011! :)

    Hope you have a great Monday! :) And I LOVE that onesie! :)

  2. Forgot to mention...your new layout is BEAUTIFUL! :)

  3. Laughing out loud at the cat's TV interest. So funny. And they say pets have no personalities. ;)

  4. I love your new layout!! and it sounds like dealing with those bills has been dreadful! I can't stand when people are rude over the phone.. I'm so sensitive I usually end up in tears lol! Hope you've had a great monday!


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