Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Oh what a weekend!  I am REALLY late posting this today..hope y'all can forgive me!  Allow me to explain my 'tardiness'..Damon had a bit of a 'head-cold/sinus troubles' over the weekend.  Neither of us knew just HOW bad it was until very early sunday morning when he awoke to a terrible bleeding nose!  AHH!  He's had this happen once before, several years ago, at this caliber.  He literally had to clean the blood up off the bathroom floor (sorry if this grosses you out).  I took him to the nearby ER last night..antibiotics were given..and a night off work which was needed.  He's doing better today.
We did manage to have a great little outting on friday!  Off to Target and Homegoods (for anyone who's never been to a Homegoods..find the one nearest to you and RUN there!!) we went.  I found a gorgeous glittery silver and gold bowl (and actually wasn't meant for Christmas though it would be a beautiful addition to the decor that time of the year) and Damon bought a huge St. Paddy's Day bowl there too.  We LOVE our St. Paddy's Day in this fact I've already gotten most of my decorations up for that holiday!  I guess its the Irish heritage in my hubby's blood.  :-)
A truely sad day today for our church family and community.  A beloved friend of ours, Allen Harvey, passed away this morning after battling cancer for the past few months.  He was such an inspiration to all that came into contact with him and I know he definately touched our hearts and lives.  He will truely be missed by all.
Anyone out there have a gmail account?  I know its tied in with google somehow..but step-daughter Beth introduced us to their video chat yesterday.  WOW!  Its totally amazing and just like being in the same room with the person who you're chatting with!  We can talk to her now and its like being right there with her..anyone who has relatives, friends, or whatever that lives far away..this is a MUST HAVE!
Nice weather over the weekend (yay!)..I took advantage of it and got out and did a little walking over by the creek near our house.  So nice to get out and get some fresh air for a change! 
And before I close..some baby news!  You know I can't post without mentioning at least one little tidbit of something baby related!  She's been kicking up a storm..especially into the evenings/late night.  Over the weekend..Damon was doing his nightly belly watch to see if he could see it move when she kicked..and he's pretty sure he saw my belly move!!  I can see it very plainly..I don't know if its because I have the best view (from above, obviously) or because I feel and see it at the same time.  So I was so happy when he seemed to be able to see her move for the first time!



  1. How exciting that Damon got to see the baby move!

  2. visiting from miscellany monday! can't wait to start following your blog :)


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