Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Thought I would share 'what I'm luvin' with y'all today!  Link up at Jamie's blog!

~ I'm loving the kicks I get daily now from Lil' Miss Makayla!  She's definately got a schedule now..only bad thing is its daddy's hootowl schedule!!  AHH!  I have a feeling I may be in for it when she arrives in May!  But I can't wait either!  :-)

~ I'm loving Damons new job!  He started on monday as I mentioned before, and so far he really likes it alot!  He even bought pizza for the 'guys' tuesday night!  Thats NEVER happened w/any other job he's been it must mean he really likes them!  I'm also loving that insurance is better for us..what a relief!! 

~ Back to Makayla..I'm loving all the little dresses and pink frillies I'll get to buy for her!  Its what I had hoped for so much..that she would be a girl.  Nothing like little girl outfits!  Not that there is anything wrong with little boys..they are cute as buttons too!!!  And I'm loving picking out how her room will look!  I'm getting there ladies!!  Let me ask..if you bought your bedding..when did you buy it during your pregnancy??  I keep wondering if I should wait a bit longer or just go ahead and get it now. 

~ I'm also loving my little girl, Ravey!  She's still mama's girl and cuddles up next to my legs when I'm on the laptop (like right now)..she's smart as a tack..and she see's her daddy off every night when he goes to work!  Literally!  She watches him leave out the back door..then we both go to the front door and wave bye to him (well she doesn't wave..but it wouldn't suprise me if she learned how!).  Then she knows after that door closes that she's got me for the rest of the night!!  Plus..who wouldn't love a face like this?

~ I'm loving the great finds I got while out at the Goodwill on tuesday!  Can't beat some nice maternity tops for under $3!  Also loving the brown corded lights I purchased that are now wrapped around my mirror in the master bath along with some grapevine!  Pictures to come later...

~ And I have to give fellow blogger and friend Cait from The Blessed Life a shout out cause I'm loving her idea she posted on last week!  Anyone else who loves to sew out there, check out this post for a creative and inexpensive way to make a makeup bag!!  I plan on doing this not only for myself, but for giving as gifts as well!  Thanks for the creative idea, Cait!!!

Hope your loving your wednesday!!


  1. So happy that you have so much to love in your life right now! :) You are very blessed! Those baby kicks are the greatest, aren't they? :)

  2. Love this post! I am so happy that you are so happy about your baby girl! I do have to say that shopping for girls is sooooo much fun!

  3. Thanks for playing along

    You're loving so many great things!


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