Thursday, January 6, 2011

Could Tomorrow Be The "Big Day"??

Could tomorrow be the day we find out if our baby is a girl or boy?  Very possible

Could we be having a gender reveal party this weekend if we find out the above?  Quite likely

Could Damon begin a new job as soon as next week?  Also possible

Could my dryer be on its last legs?  Slightly possible

Could anymore major life changing events happen in such a close timeframe??  I sure hope not!

Could I possibly be more excited, nervous, scared, anxious about all of the above?  I don't think so!

PRAY for me!!!!  We have my 19/20 week doctor appointment WITH my new doctor tomorrow morning!  If all goes well..we WILL be having a gender reveal party on saturday!  You GUYS will find out the results on mondays post!  And by MONDAY, it is possible Damon may be back to working underground in the mines again..but that one isn't set in stone!  With all of this going on..I just don't want my blood pressure to be thru the roof in the morning (I have bad white coat syndrome) and plus when I see a new just makes it worse!  I'll keep ya posted ladies!!!



  1. How exciting! :) I never wanted to know what mine were but I understand why some folks do. It DOES make it easier to prepare for them, but for me it would have just ruined the whole element of surprise. ;)

    As for the job, is this what Damon is hoping for or is it just a possibility? Whatever the situation, I hope it works out in a way that makes both of you happy. :)

    Hope the dryer holds out and one little word of advice: NEVER ask if 'more life changing events could happen'...that's kind of like saying "Can anything else possibly go wrong???" ;)

  2. How exciting!!! Good luck with everything! I can't wait to see Monday's post :)

  3. EEEK! Thats soo exciting! I was soo soo soo excited when I found out what Aidyn was! :) (or is! ha!) Enjoy it darling!

  4. That's so exciting! Can't wait to hear what the gender is, and I;ll pray everything goes well! You'll have to do a post on your party too. :-)


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