Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Makayla turned one!

My sweet little girl has turned a year old!  At times I still can't believe we've hit this first really big milestone..and in other ways it has seemed like a long time coming.  I'm thrilled though..I thought I might be sad but I'm not (or else its not hit me yet!).  I'm glad she's healthy, doing well, learning so much each day, and happy.  And I'm glad she's mine.  God sure did bless us with a sweet girl..I love her more everyday!!

Her party..wow where do I start.  As alot of you know, I made alot of her decorations.  I just couldn't find alot of owl stuff for parties.  Crazy..since owls seem to be really popular right now!  But I got WONDERFUL inspiration from a couple of blogs I found online while doing some searching for homemade owls stuff.  These 2 blogs were total lifesavers for me!!!  Here are my homemade owls..I just LOVE how they turned out!

(paper plate owls w/the bodies and wings made out of scrapbook paper)

(styrofoam owls w/felt & paper lantern owls)

(her cake..before I 'owled' it up!)

(and after..I had some owl buttons I put on it..wished I had more!)

I also made her a birthday banner like I've seen alot of my fellow blogger friends do for their babies first birthdays.  I thought it was a great idea and everyone loved looking at the pictures!

And I made the birthday girl a tutu..thanks to Venessa for the great tutorial..they are SO simple to make!

Her party was alot of fun.  I did have a brief setback before the party started however.  My MIL found it fitting to tell me that I looked like I was pregnant (meaning "your fat")..while laughing about it.  She got the evil eye from me but she didn't seem phased that what she said had REALLY hurt my feelings (along with making me really mad as well as my mom..who was sitting right beside her).  I put it past me though..I wasn't about to let her rudeness ruin what was a really special day.  Its just sad that people thinks they can say whatever to someone and think that its ok.  FYI..not the first time she's said something like this to me. 

After we sang Happy Birthday to Makayla..she clapped her hands..she must have thought it was fun!

She had lots of gifts from everyone and had fun 'opening' everything!

(a kiss from mommy and daddy)

(with her cousins..she had a blast with them!)

I am so thankful for the special day we had!!  We made lots of great memories.  I still can't believe she's a year old at times.  I love my little girl so much!!!



  1. great job momma! it looks like she was a hit! sorry about the rudeness that occurred...NOT ok EVER but i am proud of the way you handled it!

  2. I can't believe your MIL said that to you!! But it sounds like you handled it just fine, her party looks like it went very well! Happy Birthday to Makayla!

  3. Melanie, I love all the decorations! It turned out so good! I can't believe what your mother-in-law said - that's pretty awful! I think you looked great, and Makayla looked adorable, as always! Love her little tutu. :-)


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