Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day...and a break

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day over the weekend!!  I know alot of you, like myself, it was your first time getting to celebrate!  I had been looking forward to this for quite some time..last year I was about 2 weeks out from having Makayla..so this time around it was my first 'official' time getting to celebrate! 

On saturday we ventured out to Huntington..which isn't somewhere we often go.  But it was alot of fun!  We went to the flea market and the mall.  I got to go in a few stores that aren't in our 'regular' shopping areas like A.C. Moore and Old Navy!!!  I got a cute top for the summer and a pair of shorts and sandals for Makayla (not to mention some flip flops for my mom!).  Damon was so sweet..he bought me a new dress in Sears!

So on sunday we went to church in the morning..where me and Makayla matched!   I kept saying we looked like a couple of 'grapes' in our purple outfits!! Everyone thought we were pretty cute....

I also awoke that morning to a couple of Mother's Day cards and a mother and child hallmark necklace!  I was definately spoiled!!  I also gave myself a really awesome pedicure the night before (sorry I forgot to take pictures)..probably the best one I'd ever done!  I got the idea from a magazine article I saw..this picture looks ALOT like my finished product....

We had a cookout at my parent's place and went to visit my MIL afterwards.  It was a great day!  Mom enjoyed the gifts I bought (and made!) for her!

Ok this post is going to do a complete 360 here!  I am going to take a little break from blogging in the coming weeks..for alot of reasons.  The number one is Makayla's birthday is coming up NEXT WEEK (I still can't believe that!) and I have alot of things I need to get done before then.  So I am needing some extra time to get it all done.  Also..I haven't been getting a whole lot of comments in the past several weeks (not that I ever got alot to begin with!)..but its sorta been a bummer.  Don't get me wrong..I love ALL my sweet followers and ALL the comments I do get!!!!  It brightens my day more than you know!!!  But I feel like I'm just needing a break from it all for the time being.  Not sure how long it will be..but not too long.  I promise! 

So until then..have a happy May everyone!!!!\



  1. Happy Birthday to your little one! Hope you are able to get everything done and enjoy your little break. Take Care.

  2. Happy (late) Mother's Day! I hope you have a refreshing blog break - I know I haven't been commenting as much because I've been feeling do behind on everything, but I've been noticing comments are down ony blog too - not sure what's up with that! So if it makes you feel better, it's been happening on my blog too. :-)


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